Turn Miles into Money: Drive with ACERTUS

Turn Miles into Money: Drive with ACERTUS

As the economy shifts increasingly toward gig work, and many people rethink how they approach their work schedules, there are more opportunities than ever before for those who want flexibility, a non-traditional job or even just some additional income.

Joining ACERTUS’ widely available driver network is one way to meet these goals. This robust network of more than 1,000 drivers across the U.S. and Canada ensures drivers have the flexibility they want, working when and where they want, as well as the opportunity to earn incentive rewards as they go.

Drivers handle all drive-away services for our clients, picking up vehicles from one location, driving and delivering them to the next. These transport requests can come from a wide range of ACERTUS customers, including fleet management companies, company-owned fleets, eCommerce platforms, automotive retailers, auctions and more.

Our drivers also ensure vehicle home deliveries and customer vehicle pickups are seamlessly executed, delivering newly purchased vehicles or fleet vehicles directly to customers’ driveways and collecting sold vehicles from customers’ homes, so they can be driven to their next destination.

Gain Flexibility

Whether you’re looking for a part-time job, an off-season gig or a way to make additional income when and where you choose, driving with ACERTUS will give you the flexibility to make your own schedule.

ACERTUS drivers select the runs they want. Whether you prefer to do shorter, local deliveries, or you want an opportunity to see the country, the decision is up to you. It really comes down to you creating your own hours, deciding where you want to go and choosing when you want to work.

This model is a great option for teachers, police officers, firefighters, bus drivers and seasonal employees looking for an extra gig while off-duty or off-season.

Increased Incentives

Beyond offering you schedule flexibility and the ability to earn when and where you choose, ACERTUS also offers drivers incentives for excellent performance through our Quality and Safety Incentive Program.

To incentivize safe driving and reward drivers, we provide bonuses to drivers that receive no customer driving complaints and have no chargeable “at fault” accidents for every quarter of the year. Safety bonus amounts increase each year someone drives with ACERTUS until a driver hits year five and is earning the maximum incentive amount from that point on – giving drivers many opportunities to increase their income as they go.

ACERTUS also offers drivers additional incentives to drivers who help us grow our network via our Driver Referral Bonus Program. In this program, when drivers refer a qualified candidate to ACERTUS to be a potential driver, the driver who initially referred the candidate gets a bonus. At the same time, the more potential candidates a driver refers, the higher a bonus he or she will receive – with the bonus amount increasing for a second referral, even more so for a third referral and so on.

Ready to Earn as You Drive?

Help us keep vehicles moving and earn as you go – join the ACERTUS team. Once you’re a member of our driver network, you can get moving with transport orders and drive as frequently or infrequently as you want. You’ll start earning, and you’ll be able to achieve additional bonuses as you meet performance standards and refer potential drivers.

If you’re ready to get started in this role, or you just want to learn more about driving with ACERTUS, call our Driver Recruiting Line at (800) 728-9235 (ext. 4) or, if you’re ready, apply to one of the open driver positions here.

ACERTUS offers a full range of vehicle-transport and logistics solutions – everything from car haul and drive away, to fleet compliance, title and registration, reconditioning services and more – across both the United States and Canada. Discover more at https://acertusdelivers.com

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