ACERTUS’ Hubs and Integrated Logistics Deliver the Service FMCs Need

ACERTUS’ Hubs and Integrated Logistics Deliver the Service FMCs Need

Fleet-management companies (FMCs) and company-owned fleets face tough odds when it comes to acquiring new inventory. A global shortage of semiconductor chips has directly impacted new-vehicle production, resulting in less available inventory and an unprecedented time for the automotive industry.

As FMCs compete to acquire new inventory, they are having to hold on to assets much longer than they typically would. This requires keeping vehicles in top condition and ensuring they can be cared for, prepped, reconditioned and maintenanced on a more regular basis.

Similarly, during this time of unusually low vehicle inventory, companies with fleets are being forced to get more creative with how and where they deploy their assets. Many are looking at ways to be more strategic with fleet-vehicle planning, repositioning assets to more in-demand markets wherever possible.

To address these many needs, it’s crucial these companies have access to fast, efficient transport services, as well as a means of temporarily storing, preparing and deploying feet vehicles for continued use.

During this time of unusually low vehicle inventory, it’s crucial to have access to fast, efficient transport services and a means of temporarily storing, preparing, reconditioning and deploying fleet vehicles for continued use.

ACERTUS can serve as a single source to deliver a streamlined, fully integrated logistics program, complete with transport service, storage options and the ability to have vehicles prepped, reconditioned, titled, registered and more.

Strategically Located Hubs
Whether FMCs have inventory that requires long-term storage or need a place to temporarily keep fleet vehicles before they’re deployed, ACERTUS has 67 fully insured and secure facilities, strategically located across the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada.

This wide geographic coverage, combined with ACERTUS’ unique hub-and-spoke model, ensures the access needed to keep operations moving. Vehicles can be hauled to one of our hubs, given any necessary prep or maintenance and then collected for final transport by one of the 1,000+ drivers in our network.

With strategic hub positioning, companies can gain the ability to hold and deploy fleet vehicles, pivoting quickly to different markets – especially those where there is more demand. ACERTUS also offers flexible capacity, so as our customers’ needs fluctuate, we give them the ability to scale and flex up or down with transport requests, depending on demand.

In-Storage Service
ACERTUS’ hubs are also positioned to assist FMCs and others with a wide range of in-storage vehicle services, including but not limited to:

– Reconditioning work
– Detailing
– Oil Changes
– Tire Rotations
– Windshield
– Repairs
– Body Work
– Repairs
– Fueling
– Electric vehicle charging

With full-service availability, prep work can be handled while fleet vehicles are in storage, before they ever reach their final destination – simplifying and adding efficiencies to the larger vehicle-transport process.

En Route Title and Registration

ACERTUS can further optimize the vehicle-logistics process for FMCs by offering on-the-go titling and registration services – supporting large volumes of titles and vehicle registrations in all 50 U.S. states, Puerto Rico and Canada. While fleet vehicles are being transported, temporarily stored or serviced, ACERTUS’ 150 dedicated processors can complete title work, initial registrations and renewals – further streamlining operations, reducing downtime and guaranteeing vehicles are fully ready to drive before their final transport.

With direct DMV connections in 13 states, ACERTUS offers in-house DMV processing in those states, leveraging this electronic integration to reduce the amount of hard-copy paperwork companies must complete. At the same time, our pre-approved courier team makes regular and direct runs to DMV locations across the country, ensuring any work that must be processed in person happens quickly and efficiently.

ACERTUS’ expert team will leverage our strong working relationships with DMVs to further expedite service for our customers, and if even more speed is required, we’ll overnight critical requests or documents to DMVs for faster processing or response. All of this allows ACERTUS to help companies keep their operations moving without unnecessary downtime or delays.

Streamline Logistics with ACERTUS

Through ACERTUS’ robust hub network, in-transit offerings and full-service approach, FMCs and company-owned fleets gain the efficiency and flexibility they need. ACERTUS can help reposition fleet vehicles to more optimal markets, storing and deploying those vehicles where needed. In addition, we can provide in-storage or in-transit vehicle servicing to keep assets in top condition, extending their lifecycle as much as possible.

With ACERTUS’ integrated process and full range of vehicle services, companies can have fleet vehicles stored, repaired, prepped, reconditioned, titled, registered and much more, all before assets are moved to their final location.

While many companies continue to face colliding challenges, including a vehicle inventory shortage and the need to hold on to fleet assets for much longer just to keep operations moving and stay competitive, ACERTUS has the infrastructure, people and expertise required to help. Our comprehensive approach to vehicle logistics, strategically positioned hub locations throughout North America and in-storage and in-transit service capabilities mean we can handle the entire vehicle journey.

ACERTUS can serve as a dedicated partner during this unprecedented time for the auto industry, dramatically improving and simplifying the fleet logistics process and converting these logistics into a true competitive advantage.

Learn more about ACERTUS’ full range of shipping and vehicle logistics solutions at To connect with one of our team members or receive a quote, contact us here or call us at: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887).

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