One Partner, Full Service

ACERTUS offers a single, comprehensive platform to move, store, recondition and title and register vehicles, transforming the traditional approach to fleet logistics.


With new-vehicle production lagging and available inventory scarce, FMCs have had to innovate, helping their customers hold onto assets for longer and strategically repositioning and deploying fleet vehicles whenever and wherever needed.

As FMCs continue to navigate industry challenges and meet customers’ needs, having one fully integrated logistics partner is more critical than ever to save time, make informed business decisions and streamline operations.

Ultimately, FMCs need a logistics platform that can:

Transport vehicles quickly and on-demand

Deliver services to extend the asset lifecycle

Provide storage sites and data for informed asset allocation

Allow for fast, inbulk processing of titles and renewals

Utilize technology to streamline operations


ACERTUS’ suite of transport options allows FMCs to scale on demand.

ACERTUS’ 1,000+ carefully vetted drive-away drivers are available across North America for door-to-door service, including home deliveries. For longer-distance moves or those that require less mileage on the vehicle, ACERTUS’ network of 7,400+ carriers can ensure car hauling is fast, efficient and secure..


A partnership with ACERTUS means FMCs have one company to handle the entire journey, from fleet transport to in-transit services like storage, reconditioning, titling and registering.


FMC needs will fluctuate, but ACERTUS delivers flexible capacity, giving FMCs the ability to scale and quickly flex up or down based on demand.


ACERTUS works with FMCs to ensure faster speed to market, giving them the ability to track order statuses in real-time and access critical data to make informed business decisions.


ACERTUS’ drive-away service and highly trained drivers execute home deliveries with speed, safety and efficiency. Throughout the process, ACERTUS offers transparency at every step, providing customers with updates on vehicle condition and status, driver information and delivery ETAs.

When it comes to home deliveries for business-fleet vehicles, ACERTUS can provide FMCs with a full suite ofservices — storing, prepping and reconditioning vehicles before the delivery happens and keys are handed off. ACERTUS’ hubs, located throughout the country, ensure vehicles are prepped for home delivery with detailing, oil changes, tire rotations, fueling, maintenance, repairs and more.

ACERTUS can also personalize home deliveries to enhance the customer experience. To ensure the last mile is the best mile, FMCs can select white glove service and request drivers wear fully branded gear and more customization options.


Whether FMCs have unassigned inventory that requires long-term storage, or they need a short-term place to condition and prep vehicles before deployment, ACERTUS has 66 available hubs strategically located across the country to meet these needs.

While vehicles are in storage, ACERTUS can cover a full suite of services, including detailing, oil changes, tire rotations, fueling, preventative maintenance and repairs. Vehicles are fully prepped before they’re ever deployed for final delivery.

ACERTUS works with FMCs to ensure faster speed to market, giving them the ability to track order statuses in real-time and access critical data to make informed business decisions.


FMCs need the ability to move quickly and efficiently on titles, initial registrations and renewals for thousands of fleet vehicles. ACERTUS provides fast, streamlined and comprehensive title-and-registration services in all 50 U.S. states, as well as across Canada and Puerto Rico.

With direct connections in 13 states, and the ability to hold plates as needed, ACERTUS can move efficiently, working through large volumes of titles and other critical documents in bulk and navigating different rules and  regulations for each area

Leveraging DMV partnerships, a pre-approved courier network and direct electronic integration with many state DMVs, ACERTUS can help FMCs circumvent delays and expedite service.

FMCs can also request in-transit processing to further reduce unnecessary downtime.


Manage all vehicle-shipping and logistics requests from a single, easy-to-use platform. ACERTUS’ proprietary technology serves as a customer portal for FMCs, giving them one platform to:

• Request quick quotes
• Place and manage all orders
• Gain access to real-time tracking
• Access critical data and analytics