6 Useful Tips For A Clean Car

6 Tips For Drivers

Between work, road tripping, kids, errands, etc. cars can get pretty hectic. Your car should be your safe place; it should be kept clean and looking nice. You should have everything you need in a convenient place. Here are some tips to keep your car clean.

  1. Get/make a trashcan 

    Some gas stations have bags you can put on your turning signal to throw little things like wrappers away. If you are feeling crafty, grab a cereal container and put a shopping bag in there to create a bigger sturdy trash can.

  2. Dirty headlights? Use toothpaste!

    Toothpaste is a great cleaning product to get rid of that fog look. Use a cloth and a dab of toothpaste and your headlight will look good as new!

  3. In need of more cup holders? Use a shoe!

    If you have a car full of people or just ran out of cup holders a sneaker is a great alternative. It gives the same stability but it’s mobile so you can put it wherever in your car!

  4. Bungee cords make a great storage space.

    Hook mesh bungees to each handles on the roof of your car and BAM you have a whole new storage section. This is great for hats, gloves, games, or anything.

  5. Use a sticky grip pad to keep your phone in place.

    You always want to keep your phone by you in the car but there is never a great place to put it. With a sticky pad on the dashboard, it is in one place and won’t move with sharp turns or anything! It is also great for when you need to use the GPS, it is at perfect access for you to see it while keeping your eyes on the road.

  6. Eating on the go? Use a shower caddy.

    If you have kids or you just like to be organized with your food, a shower caddy is perfect. It is great for keeping all your food together, especially during a bumpy ride.

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