5 Winter Weather Car Hacks

5 Cold Weather Car Hacks

For many drivers, with winter weather also comes the challenges of winter weather car maintenance. With icy roads, salty streets, chilling temperatures and heavy snow, how can you make sure your car is winter-ready?

We’ve rounded up five simple car care tips to make sure both you and your whip are ready for winter.

1. Lighting

As the lighting outdoors changes, you’ll need to make sure your vehicle’s lights are in excellent condition. Since the sun sets earlier in the day, your drive home will be darker. Check to make sure your bulbs are working properly. If a bulb is out, fix it as soon as possible, especially before the next winter storm hits.

Winter Weather Hack: If your lights are yellowish or dim, clean them with toothpaste for extra brightness.

2. Defrost

Scraping your windshield in the morning can be a pain point of winter in itself. Nonetheless, it’s a crucial part to add into your weather prep and will play a role in ensuring your comfort and safety throughout the winter.

Winter Weather Hack: Vinegar and water can be used as a cheap DIY de-icer. Simply combine three parts vinegar and one part water into a spray bottle. (You can even spray the solution the night before to help prevent ice).

3. Climate Control

Before the cold really sets in, check your climate control system to ensure it’s working properly. This step is important because it can keep your windows from fogging and help keep you warm in the winter.

Winter Weather Hack: While it may be surprising, shaving cream actually has similar ingredients to some de-foggers on the market. To prevent your windows from fogging, simply spray a layer on the inside of your windows and wipe clean.

Also, don’t leave any open liquid containers, such as water, in your car overnight – those can evaporate and cause your vehicle to fog!

4. Tires

It’s extremely important to keep track of your tire pressure, especially since your tire’s pressure can start to drop along with the temperature outside. Driving with low tire pressure can be dangerous enough without adding the unexpected forces of mother nature. Checking your tires can help you avoid premature tire wear, tread separation and help eliminate any other unknowns on the road.

Winter Weather Hack: Checking your tires can make all the difference, and it only takes a few minutes. Check out this simple, zero-cost way to check the tread of your tires with only a penny here.

5. Survival Kit

Although this isn’t a car care tip, keeping the driver and passengers safe is essential. For basic winter preparedness, keep a survival kit in your vehicle to ensure you’re prepared for the unexpected, no matter what the conditions.

Winter Weather Hack: If you’d rather not spend money on a survival kit, there are also simple (free) things you can do to better your chances and beat the odds. Some things you might want to keep in your car include:

  • Extra socks
  • Sleeping bags and blankets
  • An extra set of clothes
  • Flashlights
  • Nonperishable snacks

Stay safe and happy car caring!

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