Put It in Park: Auto Industry at a Standstill, so Auto Players Seek Storage

COVID-19 and dire need for storage

There’s no running away from it – the rapid spread of novel COVID-19 has caused significant disruptions for the auto industry. OEMs, dealers, rental companies and distributors continue to grapple with the many industry upsets caused by the spread of the virus, as well as subsequent quarantine and shelter-in-place mandates. 

What initially started as concerns over not enough new-vehicle imports coming to market due to plant closures in China, Europe and elsewhere has turned into a reality with US plant closuresa near halt in production and continual business and leisure travel cancellations. All of this has resulted in a significant drop in the number of vehicles being produced, purchased and rentedAny vehicles that do come off the line need a place to go, and many dealers and rental companies aren’t ready to receive the inventory, as their lots are full of vehicles that simply aren’t moving. 

The trickle-down effect from all this is a dire need for storage. 

Dealerships not yet ready to receive vehicles, as well as OEMs that can’t currently move vehicles to dealers’ lots due to lack of space, can take advantage of storage-facility providers who offer them a safe space for their inventory before delivery to a dealership or customer.  

Additionally, OEMs and dealers can work with a storage-facility provider to help them deploy or reposition their vehicles into more viable markets. Similar to dealers, many car rental companies need inventory or incoming inventory moved elsewhere due to overcrowded lots, as well as a desire to move vehicles into markets with more potential. 

But not all storage options are created equal – some don’t have full insurance coverage, while others have very limited geographic coverage. Because of this, we’ve compiled a brief checklist of qualities to seek out in a storage service provider: 

Solid Asset Protection 

Regardless of whatever else occurs with local regulations, the economy or auto industry developments in the near futurethe safety and security of your assets must be a top priority 

A responsible and fullyinsured provider will guarantee your vehicles are protected, and their storage facilities will be staffed by a dedicated service manager, as well as monitored by high-security systems. With these measures in place, crises will be largely prevented, but you’ll also be protected should any damages occur.  

All of ACERTUS storage facilities are safe – staffed by highly-trained individuals, secure – monitored by top-tier security systems, and protected – with full insurance coverage. ACERTUS storage facilities are more than ten acres in sizepaved, well-lit and fully fenced-in, so your vehicles have added protection. 

Wide Geographic Coverage  

A provider with wide geographic coverage will ensure your company has storage wherever and whenever you need it. And even if your plans must change quickly in this current unprecedented climate, a storage provider should be flexible enough to quickly adapt and accommodate any changes. 

ACERTUS has a wide reach across the country with more than 55 storage locations – and growing – across North America, including Canada and Puerto Rico. With coverage like thisyou can count on ACERTUS to be a single source for all of your nationwide storage needs.  

In-Storage Service  

Even better than identifying one provider for all of your vehicle storage, is having that same provider offer in-storage services including care, detailing and maintenance that will assist in reducing down time and avoiding any delay in delivery when that time comesParticularly during the current COVID-19 environment, where consumers are understandably focused on cleanliness and protecting their health, services like vehicle cleaning and sanitization are a must. When you’re seeking out a provider, ask about the company’s other services and whether they can meet all these needs. 

Upon arrival to an ACERTUS storage facilitycustomers can expect qualified personnel to check inthoroughly inspect and park vehicles in bay. ACERTUS knows customers are looking for their vehicles to be road-ready as soon as they can come out of storage. Therefore, ACERTUS offers instorage services like detailing, oil changes, repairs, inspections, auto-body work in addition to comprehensive title and registration services for all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada 

For a premium touch, vehicles can be delivered straight to a customer’s home, via ACERTUS vehicle home-delivery servicevehicles arrive fueled, fully detailed to their doorstep. ACERTUS is taking extra precautions to keep customers, and drivers healthy by offering no-contact delivery. 

Additionally, because vehicles may require storage for varying amounts of time before a customer takes delivery, ACERTUS provides inspections for vehicles in long-term storage. In fact, if a vehicle requires more than 30 days in storage, a regular cadence of vehicle inspections then begins – at the one-month, three-month and six-month marks – including checking or replacing engines as necessary 

Online Support, Around the Clock 

With the spread of COVID-19, as well as weekly and daily changes to local mandates or regulations, you need to be able to make quick and informed decisions about your business and your assets. Therefore, the ability to track, monitor and manage your inventory is absolutely crucial 

Any storage provider you work with should present you with an online tool to manage your inventory and make changes, as you see fit. Ideally, the provider’s online management tool will also allow you to check condition reports and make requests for any in-storage services. A platform like this can also pave the way for you to receive more robust analytics and real-time tracking updates, giving you further insight into your inventory whenever you want it. 

ACERTUS’ online vehicle-management platform, VINlocity, delivers on all of thisin addition to actionable insights, quick-quote options, unlimited-user capacity aninventory-management reporting. Plus, as questions, business changes or new developments ariseteam members are available to chat instantly online or via the phone, seven days a week. 

ACERTUS can be your storage partner 

While we know this is a rapidly changing and uncertain time, ACERTUS can serve as a single source for all your storage needs. We can help you reap the benefits of full coverage and geographic availability – not to mention, road readiness and easy online-inventory management. Whether you need to store a few vehicles or an entire fleet, consider working with a provider like ACERTUS to help you meet this criterion and simplify the overall storage process, so you can stay focused on the needs of your business. 

To learn more about ACERTUS’ storage service, or any of its other auto-logistics solutions, visit https://acertusdelivers.com. To connect with one of our team members, contact us here or call us at 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 


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