Moves with Benefits: Delivering Road-Ready Vehicles

Speed to market is critical to those in the automotive industry, so ensuring vehicles are road ready upon delivery is absolutely essential for speedUnfortunately, the more services a vehicle requires, the more delays it will cause putting it into (or back into) market.  

By partnering with a vehicle logistics provider that has the infrastructure and experience to offer comprehensive services and the ability to multitask in transit, you can be sure your vehicles are road-ready on arrival – helping you achieve a faster speed to market. ACERTUS has such solutions. 

ACERTUS is the only company to provide a full suite of service offerings including vehicle transporttitle and registrationcare and maintenancestorage and compliance, and we offer many of these services while vehicles are en route to help our customers maximize efficiency and eliminate any wasted time.  

Title and Registration 

For auto shippers who need to title and register vehicles, complicated is an understatement when it comes to sorting out different state rules and regulations – especially when it comes to titling out of-state vehicle sales and working with slow-moving DMVs.  That’s why ACERTUS has an experienced title and registration team of more than 150 dedicated processors who can navigate the complexities and rules for all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada, so you don’t have to.   

Because speed to market is your top priority, we have made it our mission. We leverage our strong relationships with DMVs and the most efficient processing method possible including established electronic integrations with DMVs, in-house DMV processors, couriers, or overnight direct to expedite your service. We have the ability to not only offer our comprehensive title and registration services to auto shippers so they can work with a single provider, but we layer on an extra layer of efficiency by providing our services while vehicles are en route to help your business achieve faster speed to market.  

With this work removed from your plate and streamlined through ACERTUS, you’ll get the benefit of communicating with one single point of contact throughout the entire process. And thanks to our proprietary, easy-to-use technology, you get the opportunity for increased speed, added efficiencies and access to real-time tracking on all vehicles. All of this reduces your downtime, prevents state-by-state obstacles and ensures your vehicles arrive to market that much more quickly and ready to hit the road. 

Care and Maintenance Services 

Many vehicles – particularly, used cars – require additional care and maintenance before they can be deemed ready to deliver and drive. Fortunately, ACERTUS offers a wide range of care and maintenance services that can be completed while the vehicle is in transit to assist in reducing downtime and avoiding any delays in vehicle delivery. In assisting you with these services en route, we can quickly and efficiently ensure delivered vehicles are fully ready-to-drive.  

Our in-transit care and maintenance services include: 

  • Auto Detailing: Interior and exterior detailing, including shampooing seats, carpets and mats.
  • Premium Car Wash: Spray wash, vacuum and hand dried.
  • Oil Change: Completion of a standard oil and filter change.
  • Automotive Repairs: Mechanical, interior, upfit, cosmetic and safety repairs.
  • Inspections: Vehicleinspections, including emissions, smog, safety, state and VIN. 
  • Windshield Service: Repairs or replacements for windshield chip, star or crack.
  • Recall Process: Completion of a recall prior to delivery or storage.

All services are available through our network of preferred vendors or through a vendor of your choosing. It simply requires you making the request – then, we’ll ensure your vehicles are road-ready upon arrival. 

Vehicle Home Delivery

ACERTUS is committed to streamlining automotive logistics and that includes going the final mile with our vehicle home delivery. In fact, we have more than 20 years of home delivery experience and are experts delivering vehicles to their final destination. Not only does this result in additional convenience and efficiency for you, but such a home delivery option means we can work with your vehicle throughout its lifecycle, accelerating each step along the way, until the job is truly complete. 

If you select our home delivery service, you can rest easy that your vehicles will be in the hands of highly trained, well-experienced individuals. We have robust vehicle training for all carriers and drivers – our network of more than 6,000 active carriers and 1,000 drivers are all uniquely qualified and equipped to guarantee secure home deliveries that prevent delays, ensure speed and meet customers’ expectations. With the ability to deliver door-to-any door, we have expertise in a wide variety of residential deliveries including limited-access areas like densely populated cities, narrow streets and roads with low-hanging trees. 

ACERTUS also takes bold measures to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our customers, employees, and suppliers. Out of an abundance of caution, we are taking the following precautions in addition to practicing social distancing: 

This white-glove delivery service also means vehicles arrive to their end destinations fully detailed, filled with gas and always driven by a professional dressed in clean, company-branded gear. Our drivers prioritize safety and follow ACERTUS’ protocol, even offering no-contact pickup and delivery and sanitary procedures, so vehicles are delivered swiftly, safely and professionally every time. 

ACERTUS’ On-the-Move Benefits 

All in all, securing a full suite of services for your vehicles while they’re in transit allows them to get to market – or even directly to a customer’s home – that much more quickly and efficiently. ACERTUS offers all such services with the additional advantage of a streamlined and single-point-of-contact approach. That adds up to less work and frustration for you, but still more efficiency and speed to market for your business. By utilizing ACERTUS’ on-the-move benefits, you can simplify your own process and guarantee your vehicles are delivered fully road-ready, every time. 

For more information on ACERTUS and our complete solutions for vehicle transport, title-and-registration and other services, visit To connect with one of our team members, contact us here or call us at 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887).V

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