Car Haul Potential: OEMs & Dealers Facing Inventory Shortages Turn to Auto Logistics Providers to Fuel a Need for Speed

Transport from OEM to car dealership. Fueling the need for speed.

Automotive inventory supply-and-demand has gone through rises, falls, drops and complete turns during this era of COVID-19. For the last few months, dealers and rental companies have had far too many vehicles on their lots without enough consumer demandBut as shutdowns and shelter-in-place orders around the country continue to loosen up and automotive production kicks back into gear, the demand for cars is rapidly rising. The auto industry has already seen an increase in foot traffic and online sales and expects to see the number of overall customers steadily grow. 

However, as production and the auto supply chain ramp back up, both OEMs and dealers are anticipating a predicted 60-90-day vehicle shortage in the very near future. Dealers are now demanding that more inventory to be delivered as soon as possible, and OEMs are rushing to supply this inventory through the fastest, most effective methods they can find.  

While OEMs are accustomed to shipping vehicles off production lines via rail, they are realizing a need to utilize car haulers for an increased speed to market and for quick inventory replenishment. With prioritizing speed to market over price, OEMs may need to re-route vessels to ports closer to their end destinations, opting for long-distance car haul moves 

Vehicle logistics providers like ACERTUS are committed to helping both OEMs and dealers meet pressing inventory goals by providing fast, secure and cost-effective car transport services through their highly selective carrier networkACERTUS delivers speed, safety and value with each respective haul. 

Capacity for Expedited Vehicle Shipping 

ACERTUS knows speed is top-of-mind for OEMs and dealers, especially with looming inventory shortagesFortunately, as a car transport company with a carefully vetted network of 6,600 car carriers representing more than 20,000 trucksACERTUS can accommodate any car shipment from any location quickly and efficiently. This highly selective carrier network and its ability to offer both standard and expedited auto shipping services mean it can swiftly ramp up time to market and scale based on need and capacity 

On all car haul orders – regardless of whether they involve sedans, SUVs, trucks or more – ACERTUS provides an expected deliverby date, so all involved parties can better anticipate and plan for a vehicle’s arrival. 

Additionallyauto transport company ACERTUS further streamlines and speeds up the car shipping process with easy-to-use Transportation Management System (TMS) technology. The free, proprietary technology allows for electronic data interchange (EDI) from an outside business directly to our internal TMS, which means those businesses can then request shipments and move speedily and with ease, while directly accessing instant quotes, orders, reporting and claims all in one central location. And with API integration, ACERTUS can further simplify a dealer’s work by streamlining the entire order process and passing estimated times of arrival back to the dealership through its already-existent internal system. 

Secure, Damage-Free Deliveries 

ACERTUS prioritizes the best car safety protocol at all times. Consistently upholding the highest-possible safety standards as a trusted car shipperACERTUS trains all carriers on new car procedures and instructs them on securing the proper equipment and accessories to successfully complete vehicle transportsHaving these safeguards in place allows the company to proudly maintain a 99.5% damage-free delivery rate across the board, on all vehicle transportation. 

ACERTUS’ dedicated compliance team has built out its thoroughly vetted carrier network, so each carrier has confirmed legal and DOT operating authority, verified cargo liability insurance with up to $500k in coverage and verified auto liability insurance with a minimum coverage of $1M. These carriers are electronically integrated with DOT and FMCSA for ongoing operating authority and insurance verification, checked on a nightly basis. 

Additionally, for even further vehicle security and risk prevention, ACERTUS offers the most comprehensive insurance coverage in the industry, ensuring all vehicles are thoroughly protected while en route and giving customers peace of mind on all vehicle deliveries. 

Strong Overall Value 

ACERTUS believes in delivering a strong overall value on all auto transport services. To help keep the supply chain moving and ensure a fast and efficient speed to market, ACERTUS provides competitive rates through free and easy auto transport quotes on both standard and expedited shipping options – without sacrificing delivery momentum or inventory security Therefore, an OEM, dealer or any other car shipping company can rest assured it will receive a transport price that’s the best possible value for the speed to market it receives. 

Learn more about ACERTUS’ car haul services, as well as its full range of solutions for auto logistics, door-to-door vehicle deliveries and transportation services, at To connect with one of our team members or obtain a free auto shipping quote, contact us here or call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 

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