Driving Efficiencies & Flexibility: How Outsourced Drive Away Services Can Deliver Productivity Gains to Fleet Management Companies

Optimize Fleet Productivity With ACERTUS & our comprehensive vehicle solutions

Grappling with COVID-19’s multiple ripple effects, as well as the many different virus-related regulations and mandates across North America and the globe, companies – such as those that sell pharmaceutical drugs, consumer goods or commercial work trucks – have been slowing down or even completely halting production, with many just now beginning to ramp up again. As a result, these companies’ have pushed through less consistent orders to their Fleet Management Company (FMC) partners over the last few months, forcing those FMCto reexamine their overall fleet logistics strategy. Now more than ever, FMCs are racing to rearrange their inventorywherever possible, and maximize usage of their fleets to cut down on any ineffective resources or expenses. 

As FMCs and their clients continue to navigate the many COVID-19-related industry ebbs and flows as they come, many are choosing to optimize their productivity and outsource auto drive away services to a vehicle logistics provider like ACERTUS. With a widely available network of professional driversa full range of vehicle services and aemphasis on safety, cleanliness and risk mitigation, ACERTUS is an ideal partner for FMCs, FMC clients and their vehicle transportation needs. 

Wide Network Designed for Scalability 

Given the current climate of changing COVID-19 regulations and inconsistent orders coming in from clients, FMCs need to know the vehicle transport company they partner with can deliver vehicles anywhere at any time – no matter the size of the fleet or whether it needs to go a short or long distance. They also want reassurance that the logistics provider is flexible and properly positioned to fluctuate with their businesses as they change or as new developments occur. 

Fortunately, ACERTUS has built a strong and carefully vetted network of more than 1,000 highly trained drive away drivers across the United States and Canada. ACERTUS’ infrastructure is set up to scale swiftly and without error as FMC requirements shift, and teams are responsive, knowledgeable and agile, used to sudden changes in orders, pickup and drop-off locations or service add-ons.  

Additionally, FMCs that partner with ACERTUS gain access to its industry-leading proprietary technology, giving them even more visibility into and control over their fleets from beginning to end. Through one simple and intuitive system, companies can request moves, track vehicle statuses, manage in-storage inventory and more, all while receiving nightly status reports, real-time tracking and email notifications every time a driver is ready to pick up or deliver a vehicle.  

In addition, through ACERTUS’ electronic proof of delivery technology (ePOD), fleet delivery drivers operate at the highest level of efficiency, providing real-time updates and allowing for completely paper- and contact-free vehicle moves without unnecessary delays or headaches. 

Compliance, Title and Registration, Storage and Other Service Offerings 

ACERTUS goes even further in securing efficiency, effectiveness and road readiness to FMCs and their clients through its full range of service options. To help them ensure fleets are fully prepped and ready-to-go immediately upon delivery, its compliance and title-and-registration teams can perform all required services for both cars and trucks, even while vehicles are in-transit. ACERTUS’ teams can cover all IRP and IFTA compliance requirements, as well as all license plate renewals and title creations or acquisitions, and services can be requested in real-time as business needs change or develop. 

Storage is also key in terms of helping FMCs move fleet assets around, holding onto vehicles until ready and providing additional care-and-maintenance services on those vehicles, whenever and wherever they become necessary. With 55 fully insured and properly staffed storage and distribution hub locations across North America – as well as many more drivers in optimal placements throughout the US, Canada and Puerto Rico – ACERTUS has wide geographic coverage and the right infrastructure in place to offer secure storage options on fleets, no matter their size or where they’re located. 

Regardless of whether vehicles are in storage or en route, ACERTUS also offers vehicle maintenance options like detailing, oil changes, repairs, auto body work and more, so fleet vehicles can quickly and efficiently be made road-ready prior to delivery. All service options are available through a network of well-vetted vendors or through the FMC’s own vendor preference. 

Vehicle Protection, Mitigated Risks and Additional Safety Options 

FMCs must prioritize the security of their fleets at all times, so it only makes sense the vehicle transport company they partner with also make vehicle protection a top priority. Knowing this, ACERTUS guarantees every driver in its network is insured for both liability and damage and upholds the highest possible safety standards on all transports.  

Standing by this commitment, ACERTUS verifies that each and every driver is at least 24 years old, operates fully tobacco-free and has a clean driving record. At minimum, all drivers must uphold a satisfactory Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) and Safety Performance History, and they must pass a thorough criminal background check and federal DOT drug screening before they can begin any auto transport services. With these measures in place, ACERTUS has even been able to maintain a 99.5% damage-free vehicle delivery rate, ensuring vehicles are delivered without unnecessary wear and tear. 

And when it comes to making sure vehicle deliveries can occur without human-to-human contact, particularly during this time of coronavirus-related health and safety concerns, ACERTUS also offers completely contact-less drive away service and thorough vehicle sanitization options. 

A Drive Away Provider that is Committed to Your Success  

ACERTUS knows that FMCs are working tirelessly to both serve their clients and ensure their businesses thrive during this unprecedented time. To help FMCs balance the needs of their customers and their own goals for efficiency and flexibility, and to help those FMCs realize further growth and success, ACERTUS offers a full range of vehicle transport and logistics solutions, including its professional and secure drive away services.  

No matter the size of a fleet, the location of a pickup or drop-off or the additional services that are required, ACERTUS is committed to providing the best-possible vehicle solutions to meet an FMC’s individual needs – so, in turn, it can meet the needs of its customers. 

Learn more about ACERTUS’ auto drive away services, as well as its full range of solutions for car transports and logistics, at https://acertusdelivers.com. To connect with one of our team members or to request a quote,contact us hereor call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 

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