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Fleet Title and Registration

It’s hard to deny that 2020 has already caused a few enormous challenges for companies with large fleets. Initially, COVID-19 and its impacts on local or state regulations caused significant supply chain disruptions and bottlenecks, with no new inventory coming in and existing fleets needing to be moved into storage. Beyond that, many DMV offices around the United States and Canada had to shut their doors or offer very limited services, causing further delays for many businesses. Ever-changing rules between different states and even different cities or towns continue to occur, with multiple industries working to navigate these ongoing challenges and still meet their customers’ demands. 

Particularly, large fleet companies with multiple vehicles requiring titles and registration – and especially those with vehicles being moved cross-country – are struggling to keep the supply chain moving in an efficient manner while maintaining accurate documentation for each vehicle. And with the need to focus in on their operations and reevaluate their own processes going forward, the last thing these companies want to worry about is time-consuming title and registration needs. 


Thankfully, this is exactly where a third-party title and registration provider like ACERTUS can come in and offer their expert help. With a well-positioned infrastructure comprised of experienced teams, direct connections and strong existing partnerships with DMVs and advanced, proprietary technology, ACERTUS has what it takes to ensure vehicles are all properly titled and registeredRegardless of fleet number, where a fleet is coming from or where it’s headed, ACERTUS’ teams will deliver speed, accuracy and visibility to fleet companies who utilize their services. 

Properly Positioned to Achieve 

In order to take title-and-registration needs off the hands of fleet customers and help those customers achieve greater business success with timely, accurate and always-visible deliverables, ACERTUS has worked diligently over the last few decades to develop a strong, flexible and efficient title-and-registration infrastructure. ACERTUS’ expert teams process on average more than 2,000 title and registrations every day, all while ensuring each and every company works with one single point of contact throughout the process. 


These teams can oversee everything from basic and commercial vehicle title and registration, state transfers and registration renewal, to replacement credentials, lien and security interest filing, duplicate titles, title and registration corrections, overpayment refunds, inspections and even title needs for repossessed, bonded and salvaged vehicles. 

Leveraging relationships with DMVs across the country, as well as electronic integrations with many of those DMVs, in-house processing capabilities, in-office DMV presence as needed and a pre-approved courier network – ACERTUS’ dedicated title and registration teams work diligently to provide companies with fast service, so they can achieve their speed to market goals.  


Additionally, these teams have put quality-control measures in place to ensure accuracy, prevent rejections and manage risk at all times. Such measures like automatic order entry, image availability, hourly audit reports, systemic pre-defined process flow and account-based rules and validation allow ACERTUS to accurately complete registrations and mitigate risks for customers, regardless of the title-and-registration need or how many vehicles are in a given fleet account. 


Cross-Country Title and Fleet Registration Program 

Differing laws and requirements between states nearly always present obstacles to companies who want to speedily and efficiently process titles and registrations for their large fleets. This has become even more true in this time of the coronavirus, with certain states, cities or townships requiring DMVs to temporarily close, or only operate during certain hours. 


Fortunately, ACERTUS experienced and well-versed state relations teams actively stay abreast of all state or local laws, regulations and requirements – as well as temporary rules affecting DMV locations – even as such regulations change or new ones develop. And because ACERTUS’ comprehensive title and registration services are active in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada, licensing needs can be handled quickly and cost-effectively, regardless of the beginning or end destination. With direct connections established in multiple states, and expert teams fully prepared to address any issues that arise, ACERTUS is in the best-possible position to respond to a fleet’s many titling and registration needs and, therefore, allow fleet customers to prioritize their own pressing business demands. 


Simplified, Expedited Fleet Services with Advanced Technology  

Over the last few years, ACERTUS has continually invested in and advanced its proprietary technology solutions, so that it can move with speed and efficiency, and in turn, help its customers to move in a similar fashion. ACERTUS knows that if its internal teams are better equipped to deliver speed to market, prevent unnecessary mistakes and have visibility, its customers will also receive the benefits of these advancements. 

This is why ACERTUS recently invested in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, allowing its title and registration teams to easily scan in documents, so they’re generated into a larger system – a process that creates more efficiencies and removes risks of human error. 


Additionally, with this OCR technology in place, items like titles or vehicle registration info arrive back almost instantly from DMVs as soon as they’re ready, no matter where those DMVs are located. And as the technology incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI), it will get progressively more accurate as ACERTUS’ teams continue to utilize it for all title and registration needs – therefore, delivering even more speed, accuracy and visibility to vehicle fleet customers. 


Ready to Be Your Title and Registration Partner  

While it’s hard to know what the rest of 2020 or even 2021 will hold, companies with large fleets know they’ll need to ensure each and every fleet vehicle around the country is quickly and correctly titled, registered and ready to drive. 


No matter your particular fleet registration needs, how large your fleet is or where it’s ultimately headed, ACERTUS is set up to provide solutions. With state-by-state expertise, partnerships and infrastructure, as well as technology that expedites the registration process, ACERTUS delivers additional speed, accuracy and visibility to fleet owners, allowing them to prioritize and stay focused on their own business or operational needs. 


Learn more about ACERTUS’ title and registration services, as well as its full range of solutions for fleet management and motor vehicle logistics, at To connect with one of our team members or to request a quote, contact us hereor call us at: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887).   


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