Car Haul, Market Insights and More: ACERTUS is an Integrated Partner for Dealers

An Integrated Business Partner Driving Inventory Efficiencies

Used car sales have taken on newfound importance in 2020. Even with many states, cities and local municipalities allowing businesses to re-open if they follow COVID-19-based precautions, and with both in-person and virtual car sales continuing to rise, the supply chain is still disrupted and new inventory arrivals still lagging. Dealers working to meet their customers’ demands are often faced with the reality that there just aren’t enough new cars to go around – and, therefore, not enough to sell. Cox Automotive’s Chief Economist Jonathan Smoke even estimates that new vehicle sales will be down as much as 25% by end of year. Cue the increased demand for used vehicles. 

With car dealerships around the country working diligently to keep their lots as full as possible, as well as find inventory whenever and wherever they can – whether that be an auto auction, a remarketer or somewhere else – many have been primarily acquiring and selling used inventory. Essentially, the name of the game for automotive dealers right now is to deliver the best inventory they can for their customerswith as much efficiency and business value as possible. 

To achieve this objective, many dealers are turning to vehicle transport-and-logistics providers like ACERTUS to not only haul their vehiclesbut to provide them with market condition insights into which areas of the country have inventory opportunities that deliver speed to market. ACERTUS’ infrastructure, technology and carriers ensure that it’s well-positioned to create seamless market insight-and-transport process for dealers and establish ACERTUS as an ideal, integrated partner.  

An Information-Based, Thoroughly Integrated Solution 
With on-time, damage-free vehicle deliveries, ACERTUS’ car haul services are inherently fast, secure and professional. Customers are given the option to choose between open-trailer and competitively priced standard vehicle shipping, an expedited shipping process or enclosed critical transports that guarantee the ultimate care and protection for vehicles.  

But in today’s hectic auto-industry climate, dealers want more than just excellent car transports. They demand information, technological advantages and a true partnership. Fortunately, ACERTUS has a data-focused approach – as well as sophisticated technology – that allows its teams to seamlessly integrate with specific dealership logistics and business operations. With API-integration capability, ACERTUS’ proprietary technology can easily connect with a dealer’s operating system, instantly sending and receiving crucial information on that dealer’s inventory needs and the best used-vehicle inventory opportunities currently available.  

Essentially, with ACERTUS set up to be a truly integrated partner, not only are tasks and unnecessary time delays removed from the dealer’s platebut that dealer also learns more about market conditions across the country and has a wider view into inventory opportunities for faster speed to market. As a result, dealers can make smarter and more efficient decisions more regularly, as well as achieve more peace of mind when it comes to their next business move. 

Driving Efficiencies and Value through Bundling-Enabled Services 
Realizing the size of dealers’ vehicle shipping needs often fluctuate as business changes, additional purchases or changing consumer demands occur, ACERTUS is fully committed to servicing any haul, no matter the number of vehicles being moved. Its expert teams can even move extremely large loads, and there are options for dealers to make these car shipping requests in bulk whenever necessary. 

ACERTUS also goes a few steps beyond this, too, with its advanced, technology-enabled bundling opportunities. For customers who want to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and overall value, bundling can be an extremely savvy move. Through ACERTUS’ smart and easy-to-integrate technology, dealers can not only easily assess  the inventory opportunities available to them, but its representatives can also show them where bundling opportunities best make senseOftentimes, this results in significant time and cost savings for any dealers who choose to take advantage of such offerings. Beyond that, with a vast customer network, ACERTUS is even able to build loads efficiently with other customers’ freight, helping customers achieve even faster turnaround times and a competitive edge with pricing.  

Plus, the simple and straightforward online platform also provides real-time visibility, nightly updates and regular reporting to customers who use it, which means all the most crucial data is right at their fingertips, all the time. 

Positioned to Be Your Vehicle Transport Partner 
Regardless of the number of vehicles requiring a haul, or the location of a pickup or drop-off, ACERTUS’ experienced teams can move the full load with speed and safety, so you can quickly get your inventory to market. 

As an expert vehicle shipper, ACERTUS is dedicated to being your partner throughout not only the entire car-haul process, but also throughout the market-insight-and-vehicle-bundling opportunities, as well. Its teams are well aware of the inventory pressures facing dealerships right now, and they are more committed than ever to helping those dealers find, secure and transport the highest-quality inventory available.  

Whether you need one bulk car haul, or a completely integrated car-haul partner, ACERTUS has the solutions to assist you and deliver results to your business. 

Auto transport company ACERTUS consistently prioritizes customer satisfaction. Learn more about its integrated car haul services, as well as its full range of auto transport services and logistics at To connect with one of our team members or obtain a free quote, contact us here or call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 

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