Top Five Things to Expect with Your Vehicle Home Delivery

5 things to expect when having a vehicle home delivered

You expect speed, convenience and flexibility when you request home delivery for furniture, groceries or a new pair of pants – so, why should vehicle home deliveries be any exception?  

With even more demand for quick-and-easy online purchases – particularly, amid COVID-19 concerns and the desire for contact-less solutions – an increasing number of car dealerships are offering their customers the convenience of fast and efficient home delivery options. As more people opt for online vehicle shopping, more choices become available and, increasingly, customers can purchase the exact vehicle they want even if it’s quite far away. 

But, undoubtedly, a vehicle purchase is a much larger investment than a new pair of pants. And because many customers are now ordering and requesting auto home delivery for the first time, many have questions or concerns about what they can expect. 

To aid in this process, the team at ACERTUS has outlined the top five things you should expect when it comes to your vehicle home delivery experience. 

 1) Flexibility with Delivery Style 
Adjusting to the industry standard, a majority of dealers have been utilizing flatbeds for vehicle deliveries to customers. But many customers don’t realize that auto shippers like ACERTUS give dealerships multiple options. ACERTUS also offers customers white-glove service with true driver deliveryWith such a personal offering, a vehicle is delivered using drive away service – complete with an experienced driver, showroom-like experience and a full tank of gas.  

Ultimately, with these local and shorter-distance deliveries, a dealer should present the customer with options as to what they prefer with their vehicle transport. Many customers still prefer the flatbed option, especially for brand-new cars, as it allows them to arrive with next-to-zero mileage on their odometers. Yet, most customers are quite unaware that professional driver-delivery services are another option available to them. Instead of vehicle delivery service via a car-transport truck, customers receive their vehicles through the service of an expert driver who can show them special features of the vehicle or answer any questions. Flexibility is high with these deliveries, as drivers have more time to spend on vehicle presentation, and for delivery locations with little space, they can navigate the new vehicle into narrow areas where a larger truck might not fit.  

Additionally, even when it comes to long-distance auto home deliveriesdealers that partner with auto transporters like ACERTUS can still offer a few different options to customers. While most of these deliveries take place via flatbed haul, ACERTUS has flexibility for other solutions thanks to its 55 storage and field locations. Depending on the beginning and end locations, many longer deliveries allow for carriers to transport vehicles to a secure site, where drivers then collect them and deliver them directly to you, the customer. 

2) Speed and Efficiency at Every Turn 
Speed to market, customer satisfaction and meeting the delivery expectations of you, the customer, must all be top priorities of the dealer you choose. Dealers should be upfront with you about the estimated delivery time, and ideally, able to provide you with tracking throughout the process. Not only does such tracking ensure auto deliveries will be fast, efficient and on time according to the estimated delivery date, but it also allows you to see more clearly where younew vehicle is at any given time. 

Fortunately, auto shipping companies like ACERTUS have sophisticated door-to-door service, as well as advanced proprietary technology, equipping its internal teams to move at an expedited and more efficient pace. As a result, the dealers it works with can prevent unnecessary delays or complications for their customers, allowing you – the end customer – to receive your vehicle purchase on time and fully hassle-free.   

3) Precautions for Safety and Security 
No matter if you’ve purchased a sedan, SUV, classic car or anything else, the security of your vehicle must remain one of the foremost priorities throughout the vehicle delivery process. As such, responsible dealerships will partner with vehicle transporters that can guarantee all drivers or auto carriers have full insurance coverageare highly trained and remain consistently focused on proper car delivery protocol.  

ACERTUS sets particularly high standards when it comes to its drivers and auto delivery policy, allowing its dealership partners to commit to exceptional vehicle security on all their home deliveries. All ACERTUS drivers and carriers have proven track records, pulled from a well-vetted and widely available network across the United States and Canada, so customers can rest assured their vehicles are in the safest of hands. 

Additionally, ACERTUS’ proprietary technology – VINlocity Carrier and VINlocity Driver – means the condition of the vehicle is well-documented, with pictures at the time of pickup, so customers can rest assured their vehicles are protected and in proper condition. 

And with the reality of COVID-19 and the cruciality of no-contact delivery capabilities ever-presentcustomers should feel free to question dealers about their no-touch solutions. If dealers are utilizing the car transportation services of a provider like ACERTUS, they’ll be able to guarantee the entire vehicle delivery process is contact-less, from the initial order to the final drop-offSuch a hands-free approach should mean vehicles are well-sanitized prior to delivery, with drivers keeping a proper distance from the customer at all times during the delivery. 

4) Road-Ready Vehicles, Professionally Delivered 
When you order and request delivery for your new vehicle, you want a car that’s ready to drive with an excellent overall service experience. Therefore, professionalism and vehicle road-readiness are absolutely key to ensuring a smooth home delivery 

Dealers working with an autotransport service provider like ACERTUS can opt for a white-glove level of service, ensuring vehicles arrive to customers completely cleaned, fueled and ready to drive – and that drivers or carriers can complete trade-ins at the delivery location if requested.  

Professionalism should be obvious throughout the vehicle shipping process, with the driver or car carrier dressed in clean and company-branded gear. And while customers should certainly inspect the newly arrived car upon its delivery, so, too, should the driver or carrier thoroughly inspect the vehicle from all sides before the delivery is considered complete. 

5) Focused on Your Specific Delivery Needs 
Above all else, your home delivery needs should be listened to and, whenever possible, accommodated. Dealerships truly dedicated to exceeding customer expectations will want to continually improve upon their customers’ vehicle shipping experience 

In partnering with a well-positioned logistics provider like ACERTUS, they gain access to teams, infrastructure, technology and flexibility that allow them to achieve the highest level of service – and, ultimately, meet your home delivery expectations. 

Learn more about ACERTUS’ car shipping services through vehicle home delivery, as well as its full range of vehicle transport services and logistics solutions, at To connect with one of our team members or receive an auto shipping quote, contact us hereor call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 

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