Three Ways Dealers Can Get More Vehicle Inventory to Their Lots

3 Ways to Get Vehicles on Your Lot FAST

Vehicle inventory — customers demand it, dealers need it and the market is hungry for it. Yet, while automakers like Ford, Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan and others continue to ramp up production, the industry at large is still struggling to source enough to keep up with continually rising car sales and consumer demand. Supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic, such as locally mandated closures, limited hours and staffing limitations, continue to present challenges for dealers who are working to find and sell as much quality inventory as possible during this unusual time. And because new car inventory is so limited, most dealers have switched gears and turned their focus to sourcing used vehicles. 

Some of the questions most prevalent on dealers’ minds are, “Where can I find high quality used car inventory?” “What’s the most efficient way of transporting inventory to my lot?” and “How can I achieve the best possible speed to market and productivity during the transport process?” 

Assessing the unique challenges, opportunities and solutions facing dealers during this time, ACERTUS has identified three key ways dealers can get more inventory onto their lots with speed, efficiency and overall performance value. 

#1 – Auction to Dealer Car Hauls:  

Out of all the players in the industry right now, auto auctions are faring quite well. Their ability to acquire and turn over used cars is especially useful amid ongoing inventory shortages. However, these auction companies can also be a good source of quality used inventory for dealerships. By turning to auctions across the country when they need to search inventory for their lots, dealers gain access to a wide range of used-vehicle opportunities they may not have had beforehand. 

Additionally, dealers can simplify and even expedite the auction-to-showroom car haul route with the help of an outside vehicle-transport provider. Such a partnership allows dealers to outsource this transport workload, while also leveraging the provider’s carrier base to source and move vehicles from any region they choose. Dealerships then gain additional efficiencies, speed to market and valuable time, with teams once again able to focus on their own day-to-day operations. 

#2 – Vehicle Bundling Opportunities: 

Any savvy and high-performing delivery company — whether Amazon, Walmart or any other retailer — knows that bundling items results in less overall delays, fewer total costs and increased speed to the customer. This same method rings true when it comes to vehicle deliveries to dealers’ lots. Just as an everyday consumer buying groceries, clothing or household items wants to receive their purchases as fast and efficiently as possible, ideally with tracking along the way, dealerships also want speed, efficiency and tracking visibility when working with an outside provider to haul and deliver their assets. 

Fortunately, many third-party vehicle transport providers now offer the ability to bundle vehicle purchases, allowing trucks to fill up more quickly and dealership inventory to be delivered quickly and without unnecessary delay — leading to an overall higher performance value for the dealer. In addition, many transport providers now offer more technology-enabled solutions, oftentimes delivering highly accurate vehicle tracking to their dealer customers. Such tracking offers dealers real-time data and asset visibility, so they can plan accordingly and make well-informed decisions for their businesses. 

#3 – Carrier Capacity that Can Scale with Dealer’s Business: 

Flexibility is absolutely crucial for dealerships, especially right now amid ongoing changes and impacts related to COVID-19. If a dealer decides to outsource its vehicle transports to a third-party provider, that dealer wants to know that it can ramp up or down its incoming inventory, make last-minute business decisions as necessary and cancel or modify car haul requests when the need arrives. Therefore, an outside provider must have wide availability and scalability to ensure it can meet the customer’s expectations and deliver on its changing business needs. 

In an effort to source dealership inventory from farther distances and add even more flexibility to their overall inventory supply chain, more and more dealers are opting for such a third-party partnership. By securing such a partner, they immediately gain access to a wider carrier capacity that can accommodate their demands, no matter where vehicles are being sourced from or where they are ultimately headed. And if the provider also has smaller carriers available in its network that carry just a few vehicles at a time and can pick up last-minute or one-off orders, this leads to even more flexibility and increased overall productivity for the dealer. 

Effectively, a single logistics provider can tap into a large network of carriers with wide coverage and varying amounts of capacity, ensuring dealers receive faster deliveries and eliminating any inventory delays due to lackofcapacity concerns.

ACERTUS is Here to Help 

Vehicle transport and logistics provider ACERTUS is well-positioned in the industry to work with dealerships and help them achieve their inventory goals. In fact, ACERTUS’ car haul services, experienced teams, carrier network and technology-enabled solutions allow it to deliver on all the qualities above, ensuring dealers can move ahead down this path and secure even more inventory with even more speed and efficiency. 

ACERTUS’ widely available carriers are already transporting many vehicles directly from auctions to dealerships, picking up the inventory and delivering it wherever and whenever needed across the United States and Canada. Regardless of whether a dealer has invested in sedan, SUV or pickup truck inventory, ACERTUS’ carriers have the capacity and infrastructure to assist. Many of ACERTUS’ auto partners opt for bundling services, so they can achieve the highest-possible levels of speed to market, efficiency and performance value for their respective businesses. And because ACERTUS has a wide variety of carrier sizes in its network — including many smaller carriers — the dealers it works with have the commitment to flexibility and scalability they need to achieve business success.  

Beyond that, ACERTUS operates as a truly technology-based vehicle transport provider, utilizing its own online proprietary software to deliver additional visibility and peace-of-mind benefits to its customers. Dealers can track inventory investments and gain even more insights on their vehicles through ACERTUS’ nightly updates and regular reporting.  

ACERTUS knows that dealers are facing quite a few industry challenges right now, and it wants to do whatever it can to help. Because rising vehicle costs are an increasing concern, and because there are so many hurdles dealers are navigating at the moment, ACERTUS is continually assessing market changes and factors, and then uses data and sophisticated algorithms to adjust its own pricing accordingly. Its goal remains to achieve the best-possible pricing and overall performance value for its customers, delivering on their needs and, ultimately, providing them with fast, efficient and productive vehicle transports.    

ACERTUS offers a full range of vehicle transport and logistics management services — discover more at our website: If you’re ready to connect with one of our team members or receive a free quote, contact us here or call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 

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