How a Logistics Provider Can Help Dealers Develop a Modern and Competitive Car-Buying Experience

Provide an Elevated Car-buying Experience

It’s never been more important for auto dealers to have a means of acquiring, selling and delivering vehicles online. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit and deeply impacted the automotive industry, more and more customers were looking to online retailers for their next car-shopping experience. But as the spread of coronavirus has stretched across both the country and the world – and as concerns over health and safety have remained strong – customers have transitioned to truly demanding auto dealers provide them with online options. 

Certainly, customers want the ability to search for, purchase and request home delivery for a vehicle via  dealer website. But they also expect high standards around safety and cleanliness, as well as accurate tracking details and excellent customer service from beginning to end. 

As dealers work to modernize their car-buying process and offer customers thoroughly remote options, many are turning to vehicle-logistics providers to help them develop these offerings. ACERTUS, in particular, has unique solutions to meet both dealers’ needs and end customers’ expectations, including its vehicle home-delivery service, fully sanitized and contact-less transport options, proprietary transport-management software and more.

Safe and Secure Vehicle Deliveries with No-Contact Options 
Possibly more so than any other priority at this time, safety is an absolutely crucial component of all vehicle transports amid ongoing COVID-19 pandemic concerns. Understandably, customers demand automotive dealers provide secure, remote and well-sanitized options without the need for any unnecessary human-to-human contact. 

ACERTUS provides such solutions to its dealer partners, ensuring the very highest standards of cleanliness are followed by all team members and at all possible touchpoints. ACERTUS follows the CDC’s recommended sanitization protocol, using the recommended cleaners and proper procedures to keep all points of contact protected and germ-free. 

Regardless of whether ACERTUS’ teams are transporting a vehicle, stopping at a customer’s residence or picking up a vehicle at a car dealership location, they are all required to wear face masks and wash their hands regularly, consistently keeping at least a six-foot social distance from all other individuals. Dealers can opt for full sanitization on all vehicles being moved or delivered via car hauldrive away or vehicle home-delivery services. Before a customer receives a new vehicle purchase, all possible touchpoints will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.  

ACERTUS knows dealers and all potential buyers also want no-contact pickup and delivery options. That’s why ACERTUS’ teams offer completely contact-free transports and vehicle services. ACERTUS’ expert and highly trained drivers and carriers can move each vehicle in question without ever having direct person-to-person contact, regardless of whether they are picking up from or delivering to a dealership showroomauction site, storage location, customer’s home or anywhere else.

Tech-Enabled Solutions for Added Speed, Visibility and Efficiency 
Just as customers demand to know where their online clothing, furniture or grocery purchases are at any given point after they’ve made the order, so, too, do customers expect to receive accurate and timely tracking on their online car purchases. Such online tracking capabilities not only offer both the dealer and the customer the real-time visibility they demand, but they also offer added efficiencies and reporting details to dealers, so they can be successful for their customers. 

Fortunately, through its proprietary transportation-management site VINlocityACERTUS has the ability to deliver accurate and real-time tracking options to the dealers it works with, as well as to their customers. Through one simple and hassle-free online platform, dealers receive regular updates and reporting on their assets, and their customers can receive timely and frequent tracking notices. 

Technology-enabled solutions add even more speed and efficiency to the overall auto home delivery, as the vehicle is accounted for at any given point in the car-purchase process. Beyond that, any potential delays or delivery obstacles are sent quickly and directly via email notification to both the dealer and the receiving customer. 

The overall vehicle home delivery process and customer journey are fine-tuned with even more accuracy, efficiency, speed to customer and excellence, as all delivery updates or changes are sent to the appropriate parties, and vehicle tracking occurs consistently and around-the-clock. 

ACERTUS will Serve as the Voice of Your Dealership 
With everything facing dealerships and their customers right now, ACERTUS knows you have many priorities on your plate – including marketing efforts, business operations and, most importantly, the safety and wellness of your team members. Therefore, it’s important you have a vehicle-transport provider capable of serving as your direct voice, even working with customers on the front end as needed, and certainly handling all vehicle moves and logistics on your behalf.  

ACERTUS offers a full suite of auto transports and services, even beyond vehicle home deliveries, including title and registrationcare and maintenancestorage and more. Its teams can ensure everything from one vehicle or entire fleets are efficiently made road-ready upfront and prior to their final delivery – even offering services in-transit, as needed. Dealers will work with one single point of contact throughout the entire process, and they’ll be able to rest assured that ACERTUS will deliver the same level of experience their customers have come to expect. 

Learn more about ACERTUS’’ vehicle home-delivery service, as well as its full range of vehicle-transport and logistics solutions, at To connect with one of our team members or receive a quote, contact us hereor call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 

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