Drive Away Can Help Auto Companies with Premium Transport Services

Prioritize safety, efficiency & experience with ACERTUS

When you need a personal, professional and short-distance vehicle transport, drive away services are often the best solution 

Whether you’re a dealer looking to deliver a car to a customer’s home, an auction who needs to move a vehicle acquisition to your site or an upfitter who wants to transport a remodeled van to the receiving individual, your assets should only be handled by those who prioritize safety, efficiency and an overall premium experience. 

Vehicle transport provider ACERTUS offers premium vehicle-delivery service through its drive-away programThis drive-away service is particularly ideal for more local or short-distance vehicle moves, especially those that require a higher level of service or a white-glove experience from start to finish. With vehicles driven by highly trained drivers, services handled through straightforward and easy-to-use technology and the importance placed on the safety of all involved, ACERTUS’ drive-away service line ensures an efficient and premium experience from start to finish. 

Expert, Highly Trained Drivers 

No matter your respective industry typewhere a vehicle is headed, where a vehicle is coming from or the specific reason you require drive-away services, you expect your vehicles to be moved by knowledgeable and well-trained drivers.  

ACERTUS’ driver network is made up of more than 1,000 carefully chosen thoroughly vetted professionals. Each and every driver in this network is at least 24 years old, holds a valid driver’s license, upholds a satisfactory Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) and Safety Performance History, has passed pre-employment federal DOT drug screening and criminal background check, is 100-percent tobacco-free at all times and carries a valid credit card and smart phone. Additionally, ACERTUS requires every driver to complete a thorough driver orientation training and road test before they are ever tasked with moving a vehicle. 

These expert drivers not only understand the rules of the road, but they are well-versed in proper vehicle care and handling, allowing them to answer any questions that arise upon pickup or drop-off. This can be especially useful for dealers looking to home deliver vehicles to their customers, as drivers can respond to any concerns, answer questions about vehicles in question and assist in presenting unique vehicle features to customers. 

Technology-Driven Solutions 

Auto shippers want an easy, simple and straightforward means to conduct their business – which is exactly ACERTUS offers technology-enabled solutions as part of its drive-away program 

In fact, its industry-leading proprietary technology VINlocity allows your business to avoid delays, moving quickly and efficiently to get you quick quotes and establish an easy process for placing orders, giving you real-time visibility on your vehicles from beginning to end and sending you actionable insights via the online platform as they become relevant.  

Additionally, all ACERTUS drivers leverage powerful, proprietary electronic proof of delivery technology, VINlocity DriverThis mobile application allows drivers to operate more quickly and efficiently – without the need to ever have direct contact with customers if preferred – as they can upload any necessary paperwork, e-signatures and important vehicle updates to the system.  


Safety as a Priority at All Times  

Especially crucial during this time of COVID-19 and heightened health concerns is safety. Because of these valid concerns, ACERTUS has prioritized safety on all its service offerings, especially drive awayTo achieve CDC-approved levels of safety, ACERTUS’ employees are required to wear proper PPE gear and masks during all vehicle shipping services, and all points of contact on vehicles are thoroughly sanitized before final vehicle delivery. 

Beyond these precautions, ACERTUS also offers its auto partners the option to keep all services – including vehicle home delivery to customers – entirely contact-free. Those driving vehicles to or from a customer’s home, a dealership’s lot, an auction site or anywhere else don’t require human-to-human contact to complete transactions or successfully complete a pickup or drop-off request.  

To aid in this process, ACERTUS’ proprietary technology allows for all documentation, signatures (or, in this case, e-signatures), processes and communications to be handled remotely and, again, without unnecessary inter-personal contact. Companies can choose these fully remote options to protect not only their own teams, but also the customers, auto partners and vendors they work with on a regular basis. This guarantees that business is properly addressed and completed, while ensuring all parties involved are kept safe, healthy and filled with peace of mind. 

Working as An Extension of Your Business 

ACERTUS is committed to not just working with your business for all your vehicle-transport or logistics needs, but rather to working as an extension of your business. We will customize the drive-away program to include the specific services and premium features you require, and everyone from our drivers to our support teams will deliver an expert and professional experience on your behalf, whether working with your customers, vendors or other entities. 

No matter your unique drive away or vehicle logistics needs, our team members are ready to partner with you and develop the best solutions for your individual business.  


Learn more about ACERTUS’ drive-away service, as well as its full range of vehicle-transport and logistics solutions – available across the United States and Canada – at To connect with one of our team members or receive an upfront pricing quotecontact us hereor call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 


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