Expertise, Program Management & Proprietary Technology: Outsource All Your Fleet’s Compliance Needs at Once

Check Fleet Compliance Off Your List

Q4 is officially here, and that means it’s time to start looking ahead to plans for 2021. As you work to hit your end-of-year goals and think about how you can best benefit your fleet and your business in the new year, don’t let compliance needs fall off your list. 

Instead of investing your own team
’s time, resources and energy into tackling your fleet’s many compliance needs – and, thereby, taking them away from your own day-to-day operations – consider outsourcing these services to a specialized providerCompanies like ACERTUS oversee fleets’ many compliance-related needs on a regular basis, ensuring all fleet requirements are covered while freeing up customers’ time, so they can focus on their own business priorities.  


Crucially, there are a few key elements that enable ACERTUS’ teams to process and manage all fleet compliance services at once, as a package, as well as with consistency and accuracy. Its teams have deep knowledge and expertise on all compliance-related mattersthere is full program management through a single point of contact and its proprietary technology ultimately delivers extra usability, visibility and efficiency. 


In-Depth Knowledge and Expertise 

Even if regulatory items like “IFTA” (International Fuel Tax Agreement), “IRP” (International Registration Plan) and “DOT Compliance” (Department of Transportation compliance) are new to an FMC or other fleet-based organization, ACERTUS’ teams are experts in this field and know exactly how to move quickly and effectively on larger-sized requests. 


Whether working with a fleet management company (FMC), power grid company, product shipper, waste management company or anyone else, ACERTUS’ experienced and dedicated team has capabilities that span everything from IFTA, IRP and DOT compliance to permitting, vehicle title and registration, safety regulations driver qualification files (DQ files), consulting and beyond.  


With decades of compliance experience, ACERTUS has a wealth of compliance knowledge to offer the partners it works with, as well as benefits that come from strong partnerships with outside entities like DMVS and state, city and county offices. Regardless of the fleet size or the specific compliance-service needs, its expert team members will make sure your vehicles are regulatory compliant and that you’re protected from any unnecessary penalties or risks. 

Full Program Management through One Source 

Whatever a business’s fleet needs or compliance concernsACERTUS has the experience, infrastructure and wide range of capabilities to manage its specific requests. The compliance team can establish a program unique to an individual business and then manage each respective aspect of that program – for fuel tax reporting, DOT, DQ files, toll and transponder management systems and much more. Working accurately, consistently and pragmatically around-the-clock, the compliance team commits keeping all vehicles, trucks, drivers and carriers compliant, executing each respective service without unnecessary delay. 

Additionally, if a company requires further business insights or metrics, ACERTUS’ team can provide data-driven, strategic consulting, pointing out areas where additional efficiencies, speed or value can be gained. ACERTUS’ services extend far beyond compliance and title and registration, as well – in fact, it offers a full range of solutions for a fleet’s entire lifecycle. When a partner wants to expand its requested services to more than just compliance, they can simply reach out to their ACERTUS contact to add the vehicle transport or logistics services they need to add to their overall program. 

Despite the wide range of fleet compliance and logistics services ACERTUS offers, throughout the entire process, its customers work with one single point of contact. Each customer gets to know the individual contact whoat all times, works with urgency and professionalism on its behalf. 

Proprietary Technology for Extra Visibility and Usability 

When it comes to working quickly, efficiently and with accountability on compliance services, technology is a must. Customers want access to all their important documentation and vehicle information, with the ability to make changes or modify requests, though one simple source.  

This is exactly why ACERTUS offers its own proprietary technology to help compliance orders move rapidly and with fewer delays. Depending on the state, municipality and specific requirements, many documents and required signatures can be sent or taken care of online, creating a faster and more efficient process when it comes to handling multiple compliance needs at once. 

Beyond just making the entire compliance-service process faster and more user-friendly for its customers, ACERTUS’ unique technology also delivers a new level of visibility into the status of a customer’s fleet as a whole, as well as into individual status updates, outstanding items or documentation needs for any specific vehicle. 

With technology like this, Fleet Managers have direct access to anything they need, right at their fingertips. As updates occur, new items are required or further details are acquired by the ACERTUS team, its customers receive email notifications that immediately draw their attention to the incoming information – helping them make decisions swiftly and move forward without unnecessary setbacks. 

ACERTUS for Your Fleet Compliance Needs  

Regulatory compliance services, vehicle registration and titling, strategic counsel, logistics and more – no matter your company’s specific fleet needs, or your exact timeline, ACERTUS will work with you to establish the most ideal service program for your vehicles.  

With team expertise, streamlined program management and proprietary technology already in place, ACERTUS’ setup secures you the speed, efficiency, reduced risk, visibility, and overall value you’re looking for in an outsourced partner – allowing you to finally cross these tasks off your list, get back to working with your customers and plan for the 2021 year ahead. 


Learn more about ACERTUS’ fleet compliance solutions, as well as its full range of automotive-transport and logistics services available across the United States and Canada, at To connect with one of our team members or receive a quick quote, contact us hereor call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 

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