Rethinking Logistics (in Reverse): How These Transport Services Can Help Dealers and Others Acquire & Move More Inventory

How To Acquire More Inventory

2020 was undoubtedly a disruptive year for the automotive industry. But while there have been many challenges that industry players and specific businesses have had to overcome – as well as a few unknowns about what lies ahead in 2021 – there have also been victories in terms of successful, out-of-the-box thinking and strategies. 

Much of this innovative planning has involved vehicle logistics, whether it be for deliveries or pickups. For instance, many dealers have been in greater need of inventory due to recent shortages. To remedy this, quite a few dealers have turned to consumers themselves, acquiring vehicles from those customers and utilizing car haul or drive-away services to pick up and transport the vehicles in question – whether they’re headed to a dealership lot, an auction site, upfitter location or any other location. And it’s not just dealers that can draw benefits from this type of logistics in reverse. Many companies can benefit from such services and advantage of vehicle transportation to move vehicles from dealers’ lots, consumers’ homes and other locations directly to their sites. 

Oftentimes, companies will partner with a vehicle-logistics provider like ACERTUS so they have access to the teams, infrastructure and overall service offerings they need to succeed in their transport goals. 

A Logistics Plan for Each Business’s Specific Needs 

Whatever the business type or transport request, logistics providers like ACERTUS have the ability to cover a full range of vehicle-transportation demands. ACERTUS, in particular, works closely with its auto partners to map out and then develop vehicle-logistics plans catered to their specific needs. 

Most often, transports where dealers are acquiring vehicles from customers and moving them directly to their lots, auction sites, upfitters or anywhere else, are handled through car haul or drive-away services and vehicle home-delivery services in reverse. Just as a logistics provider would have a driver deliver a new vehicle to a customer’s home when that customer requested a home-delivery option, in a similar way, that dealer would send a driver to pick up a vehicle from a customer’s home when it’s been purchased and needs to be transported elsewhere. Additionally, whenever a vehicle recall occurs, or a customer wants to return a vehicle or trade in a vehicle for another, these reverse logistics can be put to good use.   

Most crucially, any companies looking to utilize such transport services and a reverse-flow supply chain should work closely with the vehicle-transport provider to ensure they have a plan that works for their specific business needs. No matter where a vehicle is coming from or where it’s going, companies want to know it will be moved safely and securely, it will arrive on time and the process will run as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. 

ACERTUS’ drive-away and home-delivery teams regularly work with companies of all types – dealerships, online retailers, auction sites, upfitters, FMCs, other fleet-based companies and more – to listen to their needs, customize a program that best suits them and develop an overall strategy for each of their respective businesses. 

Expanding Service Options Beyond Transport  

While transport is a large part of what providers like ACERTUS do, services certainly don’t stop there. Not limited to just the vehicle-transportation sector, outsourced providers like ACERTUS can also deliver a wide range of other vehicle services – including title and registrationcompliance servicesstoragecare and maintenance and more. This complete range of vehicle-service capabilities means the companies it partners with can actually expand their own offerings to their customers, as well as make their own processes more efficient, even when employing logistics operations via a reverse supply chain. 

One strong example of this is when dealers move forward with setting up a program where they can acquire vehicles directly from customers, but then they choose to have those vehicles transported directly to their end destinations rather than their own lots. In such a process, a dealer will likely want these vehicles to be fully cleaned and serviced, and they’ll want to be sure any potential repairs have been addressed before final delivery. In some cases, they may also want to help out the companies they’re selling to by taking care of all title-and-registration needs in advance – a service that many dealers take advantage of while working with ACERTUS. In fact, ACERTUS has a storage hub and multiple field locations across the country, where it can not only store vehicles for a set period of time, but it can quickly, easily and efficiently apply these services to any vehicles in question. 

Beyond this, many companies want vehicles to not only be fully titled, registered, cleaned and serviced before delivery to their locations, but they also want any compliance issues sorted out ahead of time. ACERTUS has specific teams specialized in all these areas to ensure all corresponding demands can be met.  ACERTUS’ range of service offerings and its infrastructure truly allow it to service a vehicle for its entire product lifecycle, if that’s what a company ultimately needs. 

The specific program, combination of services and overall plan boils down to whatever methodology and features the company decides is best for their particular business and its unique needs at that moment in time. But whatever those features are, ACERTUS is well-positioned to be a complete solution for all its many different customers. 

ACERTUS for Your Unique Vehicle-Transportation Goals 

Drive-away and home-delivery services via reverse-logistics management, title and registrationcompliance servicesstoragecare and maintenance and more – regardless of your company’s specific goals or exact timeline, ACERTUS will work closely with you in developing and implementing a customized program that works for your business. 

With experienced teams, well-positioned infrastructure and a dedication to all its unique customers all already intact, ACERTUS will work to secure you the vehicle-transport-and-logistics network and plan you’ve been looking for – allowing you to cross off these needs from your task list and stay focused on the most crucial needs of your business as we move forward from 2020 and enter the new year. 

Learn more about ACERTUS’ vehicle-transportation solutions – as well as its full range of vehicle logistics and other services like title and registration and compliance – available across the United States and Canada at To connect with one of our team members or receive a quick quote on fleet-management options, contact us here or call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887).  


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