Top 21 Remote Auto Services to Offer in 2021

21 services to offer remotely in 2021

Despite all its many challenges, 2020 led the way for even more home-based services. Now, regardless of whether someone wants their groceries delivered, a virtual doctor appointment set up or no-contact service done on an appliance, all it requires is a few clicks online and the order, appointment or request is placed. The entire process can be accomplished without the customer ever leaving the home or preferred location and without the need to have unnecessary person-to-person contact. 

Auto logistics and services should be no different. Many dealers have recognized this reality and have started setting up their own programs for vehicle home delivery, remote vehicle trade-ins and more. While concerns over safety could subside later in the year as vaccines become more widely distributed, the fact is, customers have been demanding more and more remote auto services for years now – the COVID-19 pandemic only further cemented these demands. 

As dealers look ahead to what they want to accomplish in 2021, assessing their specific business objectives, challenges and priorities, it’s crucial they consider not only establishing a fast, efficient and robust vehicle-delivery program but that they also consider expanding the remote automotive services they offer. 

In many cases, it can be beneficial for dealers to partner with a vehicle-logistics provider like ACERTUS to ensure they can expand their offerings, create flexibility around customers’ demands and commit to delivering speed and efficiency with each remote service they offer. ACERTUS’ teams have decades of vehicle home-delivery experience, but the company also has the infrastructure and expertise to offer a wide range of other remote auto services to dealers and their customers. 

Here are ACERTUS’ top 21 remote auto services to offer customers in 2021: 

  1. Home deliveries
  2. Test drives
  3. Trade-ins
  4. Vehicle returns 
  5. Vehicle recalls 
  6. Vehicle sales 
  7. Remote purchase quotes 
  8. Extended warranty sales  
  9. VIN inspections 
  10. Emissions tests  
  11. Smog inspections 
  12. Titles 
  13. Registration and renewal processing 
  14. Vehicle cleaning  
  15. Vehicle sanitization 
  16. Care and maintenance service 
  17. Oil changes 
  18. Tire rotations 
  19. Auto repairs 
  20. Storage 
  21. Vehicle tracking/theft protection 

Whichever remote services you choose to adopt and offer to your customers in 2021, it’s crucial that you stay focused on delivering the experience your customers want. Any provider you partner with should be just as committed to this excellent customer experience and should have the flexibility, experience and existing infrastructure required to deliver on the remote-service options listed above. 

ACERTUS believes in a partnership-based approach, ensuring each dealership it works with has a single point of contact throughout the process, regardless of the specific auto services requested. ACERTUS’ diverse vehicle-logistics and service offerings means it can address a wide range of requests – including this “top 21” list of remote auto-service capabilities – scheduling pickups and drop-offs as necessary to accommodate both the dealer’s and final customer’s needs. 

Learn even more about ACERTUS’ remote auto-service solutions, as well as its wide range of vehicle-transport and logistics services across the United States and Canada, at To connect with one of our team members or receive a quick quote, contact us hereor call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 

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