Top 3 Ways to Simplify Title-and-Registration Tasks

Make Title & Registration as easy as 1-2-3

Throughout the last year, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemicDepartment of Motor Vehicle (DMV) locations across the country had to close, open with limited staff or operate with limited hours – and title-and-registration services were often delayed. Now that the vast majority of DMVare back up and running, titles and registrations are being processed, but there are still backlogs from the extended period with little to no movement. 

DMV teams are working to play catch-up, but the reality is, title-and-registration work is still backlogged at this time. Therefore, it’s critical for companies with fleets to take steps to simplify the overall title-and-registration process. 

  1. 1) Be Proactive, Accurate and Consistent with All Paperwork 
    For many months after they reopened, DMV locations gave both individuals and companies extra leniency when it came to accuracy and consistency with their paperwork. But now that these sites are reopened and working to get as close to business-as-usual as possible, they are once again paying close attention to all paperwork and details. Any inconsistencies, inaccuracies, blank sections or other errors are quickly caught, and paperwork is sent back to the person or company in question rather than moved on for processing – adding even more delays to the larger timeline. 

    these setbacks can be prevented through being proactive and ensuring all details in all relevant paperwork is submitted accurately, consistently and with the pertinent information. Completing such documentation correctly the first time around will prevent unnecessary headaches and prevent unnecessary delays with their vehicle title-and-registration. 

    Beyond this, companies with fleets 
    should start initial registration and renewal processes as early as possible, even if there are still 30-90 days to complete. They can also choose to opt for extended registrations, for two-year renewals, as applicable to prevent unnecessary DMV visits and keep the overall process moving.  


  1. 2) Whenever Wherever You Can, Go Digital 
    Another way to simplify and streamline titling and registration work is to take advantage of states – like California, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Idaho, Arizona and Washington – that offer digital options. If you happen to operate in one of these states, you won’t have to physically visit a DMV location. Instead, you can handle title-and-registration requests, document submission and more online. This saves valuable time, increasing your overall speed and efficiency on title-and-registration services. 
    However, it’s important to note that when you submit title-and-registration requests (for registration renewals, replacements and so on) online, most DMVs can only send completed materials to the address that’s already on the registration. This can cause hiccups to the larger process, so it’s crucial to sort out the address designation in advance. Note, if an outside provider like ACERTUS is involved, its teams can ensure all items get sent to whichever address a customer designates, essentially overseeing all the back-and-forth on this work on behalf of the customer. 
    While not all states are on board with digital title-and-registration processes at this point, the trend is that more and more states are headed in this direction. Companies that get on board digitally, opting for that route whenever possible, will not only help themselves move faster now but will better prepare themselves for title-and-registration work in the future.  


  1. 3) Consider Outsourcing Compliance to a Provider 
    One of the most effective methods for simplifying and reducing the overall workload involved with titling and fleet registration is outsourcing those services to an expert compliance provider that truly knows the ins-and-outs of the overall system. Because these providers already have existing teams, technology and relationships with DMVs across the country, they’re often well-positioned to navigate hurdles and keep all requests moving until they’re finally completed. 

    ACERTUS’ title-and-registration team is an example of this. With decades of expertise, as well as a specially designated State Relations Expert, it can streamline the overall title-and-registration process and even identify potential issues before they arise. By bringing a provider like ACERTUS on board to help with title-and-registration services, a company can actually check off the first two steps – outlined above – and simply rely on ACERTUS’ team to oversee all these steps. Its team commits to catching any errors and inconsistencies upfront, before documentation is ever submitted to the DMV, as well as to digitizing all requests and paperwork whenever possible. 

    In fact, 
    even in those states where title-and-registration services are handled digitally, ACERTUS’ technology allows for tracking – which means any hard-copy documentation a DMV must send back via USPS includes real-time tracking and updates for the customer (not something that normally happens when a company handles these services itself). Customers ultimately have less steps to take and less items to oversee and, yet, more visibility into each step of the titling or vehicle-registration process. 

Choosing ACERTUS as a Title-and-Registration Partner 

When it comes to your fleet’s title-and-registration needs, it’s vital to ensure everything is up-to-date and compliant at all times. If you partner with ACERTUSyou’ll gain access to not only decades of experience but also proprietary technology, working partnerships with DMVs across the country and a team that’s dedicated to simplifying the title-and-registration process for you and your business. 


Learn more about ACERTUS’ title-and-registration services, as well as its full range of fleet-management solutions and vehicle logistics options – including compliancecar hauldrive-away servicescare and maintenance and more – at To connect with one of our team members or receive a quick pricing quote, contact us hereor call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 


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