Convenience at Every Turn: The New Era of Car Buying

Give customers the convenience they deserve. Skip the DMV

Ithere’s one thing we can all agree on when it comes to the car-buying process, it’s that people want convenience. Customers want to receive or pick up ready-to-drive vehicles and don’t want to spend hours at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) office. In fact, according to a 2020 independent study conducted by ACERTUS, 79% of all car buyers report that havintitle-and-registration work completed is a key feature they want when it comes to buying a car online. Additionally, 66% of car buyers say they’d be willing to add up to one to three days of wait time just to have this work finished before they receive a car purchase. 


Realizing this, dealers are working to expand their service offerings to not only include vehicle sales and delivery but also title and registration. Yet, dealers are consistently competing with multiple priorities and, even if they want to offer title-and-registration services to their customers, don’t have the time to add these additional tasks to their day-to-day operations.  


While an increasing number of dealers are looking to meet these consumer demands, allowing their customers to skip the DMV and providing them with the ultimate home-delivery experience, many dealers are trying to determine the best way to offer these services.  An increasing number of these dealers are turning to vehicle-logistics providers who can assist them not just with their vehicle transports and home deliveries, but also with title-and-registration services for their customers. 


Vehicle-logistics provider ACERTUS and its teams actually offer end-to-end vehicle services, helping with transports to all the state- or province-specific documentation and the actual plating of the car. With this type of vehicle-lifecycle approach, dealers can meet the needs of those customers who demand their vehicles are fully ready-to-drive upon pickup or delivery. 


ACERTUS’ teams are well-positioned to address all these different service areas, including the oftentimes challenging title-and-registration work. With teams able to service vehicles throughout all 50 states in the US – as well as throughout Puerto Rico and Canada – and expertise and technology that allow for digital title-and-registration options wherever possible, the dealers it works with can achieve the flexibility, efficiency and simplicity they want out of a customer-focused experience. 

Geographic Availability and Expertise 

Dealers want the ability to sell to customers wherever and whenever they wantWhen it comes to setting up a successful digital-retail experience for their customers, dealers must consider their e-commerce side of business and how that relates to their vehicle home-delivery program. This is especially true when it comes to home-delivery programs where title-and-registration services are an available option   dealers need to be able to offer customers a quick-and-easy way to request those services. And for dealers who are targeting a wide market, they must be prepared to handle those services, no matter the specific state or local requirements.  


Fortunately, vehicle-logistics providers like ACERTUS have wide availability throughout the US, Puerto Rico and Canada, as well as an expert title-and-registration team that knows all the requirements and mandates in any given area and at any given time. ACERTUS even has a State Relations Expert on hand who helps build strong working partnerships at DMVs across North America and leverages those relationships to help move past obstacles for the customer. 


All of this means that a dealer based in Kansas, working with ACERTUS, can sell a car and home deliver a fully road-ready vehicle to a customer who lives all the way in Indiana. ACERTUS’ expert carrier network will utilize car-haul services to transport the vehicle safely and securely, while the title-and-registration team will make sure the car is titled, registered and plated before it ever arrives to its final destination.  


Additionally, having 55 field locations and local drivers available across North America means ACERTUS can go even further than just offering title-and-registration help – its teams can actually support on vehicle-inspection services, as well. Having these inspections covered means even fewer headaches for the dealer and an even more complete experience for the dealer’s customers. 

Digital Options Mean Faster Processing Time 

veCertain states like California, New York, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Massachusetts allow direct connections for fully digitized title-and-registration work, and many more states are following that trendThis means these states allow for a titling and vehicle registration process that can be expedited and deliver faster processing times for dealers and their customers. Such digital processing is especially critical at a time when DMVs are still working through significant backlogs after shutdowns or limited hours due to COVID-19. DMVs are still taking longer than usual to process paperwork, creating larger bottlenecks in the supply chain, but companies that opt for digital-service options in the states where it’s now possible can largely navigate these obstacles and keep the process moving. 


To take advantage of these online-service possibilities, ACERTUS employs its own proprietary technology to create a direct connection to these states, allowing its teams to process requests with fewer delays and faster overall speed. Through this digital title-and-registration process, no physical pickups or drop-offs are required. Instead, all documentation, signatures and updates are handled quickly and efficiently online, with customers able to track orders in real time and receive status updates regularly. When dealers partner with ACERTUS for services in these areas, they can offer their customers an excellent delivery experience, complete with a quick turnaround time on their title-and-registration needs.


Not all states are already on board with digital title-and-registration processes at this point, but the trend is more clear than ever – by and large, states are headed in that direction. Therefore, dealers that get on board digitally, or partner with providers like ACERTUS that already have that technology, will better prepare themselves for vehicle title-and-registration work in the months and years ahead.   

Creating the Ultimate Experience for Your Customers 

To help dealers create the ultimate experience for their customers, ACERTUS goes far and beyond vehicle transporttitle and registration and DMV services. Its teams can help with vehicle conditioning and reconditioning services, compliance servicesvehicle inspections and more.  


If dealers want to expand upon their remote auto-service options, they can also utilize ACERTUS to offer their customers at-home test drives, trade-ins, recalls, returns, vehicle repairs and care-and-maintenance services. Putting its car-haul or drive-away teams to work to pick up the vehicle in question and take it to the location of service, it also sends those same team members to return the vehicle or send another one in its place. 


With the goal of delivering vehicles that are turnkey ready, every homedelivered vehicle is fully fueled and washed upon arrival to the customer’s home, workplace or preferred drop-off location. And if dealers want a customer to have a truly VIP level of service, ACERTUS can also offer white-glove driver service at the customer’s door – ensuring all features of the car are shown off, questions are answered and customers are 100% satisfied by the end of service. 

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