Communication is Key: Delivering Full Visibility on Behalf of the Customer

Delivering Visibility

Vehicle retailers are facing quite a few challenges at the moment. While consumer demand for vehicles has skyrocketed, the lack of crucial vehicle parts like semiconductor chips, rubber and foam, has meant a lack of new inventory coming to market. Retailers can’t keep enough inventory on their lots to meet the high consumer demand, and as such, they are working to source used-vehicle inventory from wherever they can – with many turning to other retailers, auction sites and even customers themselves for their inventory needs. 

With this lack of inventory impacting the industry, and retailers looking to acquire vehicles from more sites than ever before, many are utilizing the services of vehicle-logistics providers to not only transport and recondition inventory, but also to home deliver these vehicles to customers and pick up vehicles for inventory acquisition. Unfortunately, there is often a lack of visibility when it comes to the overall automotive supply chain. Too often, consumers don’t have access to the vehicle-delivery tracking, customer notifications, accurate timeline and updates they deserve to receive throughout the process. 

To create the best experience for their customers – particularly for those who request home delivery – retailers should consider working with a logistics provider that prioritizes clear and open communication. Elements like vehicle tracking, order updates, branding and straightforward and timely messaging can all make for more transparency and an elevated customer experience. 

ACERTUS employs a number of different communications paths to ensure it can help create the ultimate home-delivery or vehicle-acquisition experience: 

Efficient and Easy-to-Use Technology 
ACERTUS leverages proprietary technology to create a high-quality customer experience right from the start. As soon as a company submits a request for a vehicle transport, ACERTUS’ team immediately gets moving with processing it and delivering on the requested services. The marketplace, VINlocity, streamlines and simplifies the vehicle-transport process – from the initial quotes to order requests, tracking and any claims. 

With this technology, ACERTUS can send regular order updates to the shippers, giving them more visibility and tracking on the home-delivery or pickup process and providing a simple means for making any order changes as needed. This technology provides a fast, easy and simplified means for back-and-forth communications between the ACERTUS team and customer. It also delivers critical information about the vehicles, any deliveries or pickups and other services back to the retailer, who can then use these insights to make more informed decisions for their particular businesses. With inventory being so tight for so many in the auto industry right now, it’s crucial that retailers have as much information as possible on their operations, so they can decide the next move to make when it comes to acquiring inventory, selling it or moving it around. 

Additionally, ACERTUS’ API capabilities mean it can even fully integrate with its auto partners’ software and operating systems — allowing the retailer to access easy and intuitive order entry and giving them even more visibility into the overall process. In some instances, ACERTUS’ team can even use these capabilities to plug into a retailer’s site, developing even more seamless communications and business operations on behalf of the retailer. 

Co-Branding and Messaging 
Delivering a dealership showroom experience straight to the customer is one of ACERTUS’ top priorities. Without any added investment from the retailer, ACERTUS provides a full co-branded experience, doing the heavy lifting on messaging to customers, keeping those customers informed with regular updates and staying in regular dialogue with them to ensure the home-delivery process goes smoothly from start to end. 

Work like this covers everything from phone call conversations to email notifications, tracking, updates on time of delivery or pickup and more – with all aspects of these communications fleshed out with the proper retailer branding and messaging, making it clear that ACERTUS is working on the retailer’s behalf and preventing any unnecessary confusion on the customers’ end.  

Integrated, Full-Process Management 
ACERTUS is proud to offer a full range of vehicle-logistics services. Beyond vehicle home delivery and pickups, its team offers other forms of vehicle transportation, as well as title and registrationcompliance servicesstoragecare and maintenance and more. All these services can be streamlined and automated for its partners, so they can deliver on the services their customers want. 

Effectively, with its wide-ranging services and ability to oversee all elements of the vehicle lifecycle, ACERTUS can serve as a type of service manager on behalf of the retailer for its particular customers. By serving as an integrated, full-service manager, the ACERTUS team delivers a top-of-line experience to customers, ensuring vehicles can be made thoroughly road-ready before they’re ever officially delivered and sending regular service updates from the very first request through the final delivery drop-off. 

Learn more about ACERTUS’ home-delivery and vehicle-pickup solutions, as well as its full range of transport and logistics services, at To connect with one of our team members or receive a quote, contact us hereor call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 

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