Multi-Modal Vehicle Transport: How to Decide Which Mode is Best for your Customer

Multi-Modal Delivery

Vehicle home delivery is in high demand these days, particularly as the COVID-19 pandemic continues and the delta variant spreads across the country. Customers expect retailers to provide options when it comes to their vehicle-shopping-and-purchasing options – and one of those options involves the ability to have home delivery. Many dealerships have started offering their customers a home-delivery service, and others are just now beginning to do so. 


But once a retailer decides to offer home delivery, which form of transport is the most efficient and cost effective for transporting these vehicles to customers’ homes? 


Retailers that partner with vehicle-logistics providers have choices when it comes to vehicle transportation. Oftentimes, they can opt for car-haul service or drive away (with someone actually driving the vehicle) – or even combination of both. 


Here’s a breakdown of what each transportation method entails and how to choose the best mode of transport for your customers needs. 

Car Haul 

The most commonly used form of vehicle transport is car haul, which involves a single carrier using a large car-hauler to move multiple vehicles to a hubWhether retailers need to send a vehicle across town or on a long-distance, cross-country route, car-haul service can accommodate these different vehicle-delivery needs 


There are different carrier options available, depending what a retailer needs. Most carriers offer standard, open-transport shipping, but many others offer expedited shipping and enclosed-critical shipping options. If a retailer is hoping to move a classic car or luxury vehicle – or if the customer just wants added protection – enclosed-critical shipping can be a wise decision, as vehicles are fully covered and protected throughout the journey.  With these options, the car cannot be taken directly to the customer’s home but can be transported to the respective dealership or even a hub for further transport. 


If a customer chooses not to pick up a vehicle at a dealership and wants it home delivered, there are even more multi-modal transport options available. Drivers with flatbed trucks can pick up vehicles from a dealership site, or from a hub location where they’ve been dropped off by carriers, and then deliver them the final mile to their respective drop-off locations. Or, in some cases, a single driver can take the car from the dealership lot or hub site and drive it to the customer’s home. This allows drivers to better navigate busy urban areas, neighborhoods with low-hanging trees and winding streets – and creates a more personalized home-delivery experience for the customer. 


Beyond these many benefits to car haul, customers can receive their newly purchased vehicles with little to no mileage upon delivery – something that many customers actually request upon ordering. 

Drive Away  

Another option for vehicle home deliveries is drive-away service, where the customer receives the new car directly from a driver. This means of transport is particularly ideal for more local, shorter-distance transports, as well as those that involve urban areas, windy roads or routes with low-hanging trees (which can all present challenges for flatbed trucks). 


Drive away can also present retailers the option to give their customers a truly personalized delivery experience with a professional driver dropping off their new car, completing walkthroughs, showing them unique car features and answering any questions they may have. This transport method lends itself to white-glove delivery service, where drivers ensure the vehicle is sanitized and detailed, has a full tank of gas and is even plated, titled and registered if requested – all before the vehicle arrives to its final destination. Customers who receive a new vehicle via drive away can enjoy both a high level of service and a car that is ready to drive upon delivery. 


ACERTUS Offers Multi-Modal Transport Options 

Retailers who choose to partner with a vehicle-logistics provider like ACERTUS have access to both car-haul and drive-away services. This means they can choose which transport mode is best for their customers and can even invest in multi-modal transportation if that is most idealACERTUS’ team works with retailers to develop a customized plan for their unique business and their customers, establishing a plan for fast, secure and efficient home deliveries. 


Beyond just completing these deliveries successfully on behalf of the retailer, ACERTUS also has the ability to offer a number of other services – such as title and registration, vehicle plating, reconditioning and maintenancecompliance services and more. With these additional services completed, customers can rest easy and even skip the DMV completely 


As an expert vehicle shipper, ACERTUS has the logistics infrastructureprofessional teams and wide availability that allow it to offer additional remote services, right at the customer’s door. Drivers or carriers can pick up vehicles to have them repaired or serviced, can complete remote trade-ins, can handle recall vehicles and can assist with customer vehicle acquisition where a retailer purchases inventory straight from the customer. This not only creates an excellent experience for the customer, but also allows the vehicle retailer to stay focused on its own pressing operations and business dealings throughout the entire process. 



Learn more about ACERTUS’ multi-modal shipping options for home delivery and vehicle acquisition, as well as its full range of vehicle transportation services and logistics solutions, at To connect with one of our team members or receive a pricing quote, contact us hereor call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 


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