Expanded Supply Chain Network Helps Companies Navigate DMV Challenges

Expanded Supply Chain for Title And Registration Work

Across the country, Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) locations are working through heavy backlogs and changing local or state-based COVID-19 restrictions. This can mean longer wait times, particularly for businesses requiring title-and-registration services. Because of all this, it’s more critical than ever that companies have a strategy to navigate these title-and-registration hurdles and get their fleets’ needs met. 

When it comes to helping businesses address their title-and-registration concerns, ACERTUS has three major features that enable its team to work around obstacles, streamline the overall process and meet customers’ goals – active DMV partnerships, a range of online capabilities and an expansion of available networks. 

Feet on the Street 

One of the most important aspects to ACERTUS’ title-and-registration service line is its boots-on-the-ground approach to working with DMVs. With these feet on the street, ACERTUS ensures it has couriers who can make critical DMV runs and work through any titling or vehicle-registration challenges, no matter where services are needed across the country. 

Additionally, ACERTUS’ title-and-registration team has strong working relationships with numerous DMV locations in all 50 US states, which often means that its team members have direct contacts at these locations and can work around any existing logjams or challenges. Between these established partnerships and the extensive expertise its team holds, ACERTUS is ideally positioned to know what is going on with DMV locations around the country at any given time, monitoring any delays, closures or local restrictions as they change or occur. 

Online Capabilities 

Over recent years, ACERTUS has chosen to invest in data integration and online capabilities on behalf of its customers. This has aligned with an increasing number of states expanding their online-service options, creating opportunities for companies or the title-and-registration providers they work with to simplify the process and move more quickly.  

By utilizing API-like technology and directly integrating with many DMVs’ own systems, ACERTUS can ensure much of the registration-processing and document-submission work in these areas can take place all online, without the need for in-person visits. 

So far, ACERTUS has established digital connections with these states: 

New York 
North Carolina 
New Jersey 

In addition to these states, there are additional areas working to expand their title-and-registration offerings and offer similar online-based options. These include the state of Texas and Arizona. 

ACERTUS’ specific technology allows its team to handle documentation and services digitally whenever and wherever that is possible, track title-and-registration orders easily and ensure any hard-copy documents a DMV must send back via an expedited shipping method includes real-time tracking info and regular customer updates. 

Expanded Networks

Recently, ACERTUS’ title-and-registration team has expanded its supply-chain networks, adding on additional networks and opening up what its auto partners have access to, workflow-wise. By broadening the list of available networks it works with for title-and-registration services on a regular basis, ACERTUS can balance workload between different networks, creating additional efficiencies and expediting the overall process for its customers. 

As certain DMV locations face heavier backlogs than others, the team at ACERTUS can utilize its various networks to assess which DMVs have more capacity, select the locations that can move more efficiently and strategically decide where to send in specific title-and-registration requests. 

Partnering with ACERTUS for Title-and-Registration Needs 

While DMVs continue to make progress as they face a backlog of work, changing COVID-19 restrictions and limited staff at this time, there are ways companies with fleets can work around these challenges– especially if they choose to partner with a title-and-registration provider. 

Companies that make the decision to work with ACERTUS on their title-and-registration needs will gain access to an expert team that has active relationships with DMVS around the country, online-based solutions and a wide range of supply-chain networks to help mitigate any risks and avoid delays. Whether fleet vehicles need initial vehicle registration, registration renewals, duplicate titles, title transfers, license plates or any other type of transaction, ACERTUS’ team is available and ready to help.  

ACERTUS wants to be your DMV business partner. Learn more about our title-and-registration services, as well as its full range of fleet-management solutions and vehicle logistics options at https://acertusdelivers.com. To connect with one of our team members, get a pricing quote or receive additional information, contact us here or call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887).  

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