Achieve Speed to Market with Technology-Enabled Drive Away Companies

Navigating the year 2020, particularly the many impacts from COVID-19continues to present challenges to all the auto industry’s key players. Lack of adequate inventory, a changing consumer-path-to-purchase and ongoing supply-chain disruptions have forced companies with large fleets to reexamine their vehicle logistics and develop new methods of achieving speed and efficiency for their customers. 

More and more, fleet management companies (FMCs) and others with large commercial fleets are realizing the non-negotiable importance of speed to market, visibility, cost-effectiveness and increased overall value when it comes to achieving business success. And with their business dealings continually becoming more remote-based, many of these organizations are looking to outsource vehicle-transport services to technology-enabled providers. 

That is exactly why drive away companies like ACERTUS have chosen to invest in and develop its own technology-powered solutions, making it a steady focus of their strategy. Intent on improving the speed, visibility and value it offers to both its customers and experienced driver-and-carrier base, ACERTUS created its proprietary online technologypositioning it to deliver on each of these goals. 


Innovative Mobile App Technology for All Drive Away Services 

With speed and efficiency consistently held as key priorities, ACERTUS developed innovative mobile application technologies to aid both its drivers and carriers, and in turn, provide benefits like speed, efficiency, visibility, increased value and cost-effectiveness to its customers. ACERTUS’ proprietary technology, VINlocity, offers a simple and secure method for drivers to manage each respective transport through the convenience of one simple app. Drivers can move faster with this technology, avoiding any potential vehicle-delivery pitfalls or obstacles with this effective and well-integrated solution.   

Specifically, VINlocity Driver eliminates unnecessary paperwork, inefficiencies, inaccuracies and risk through its easy-to-use electronic proof of delivery (ePOD), allowing customers to have, effectively, direct access to the drivers moving their assets.  

Customers receive a new and heightened level of transparency with this ACERTUS VINlocity Driver app, through sophisticated and real-time shipment visibility. Geofencing technology, including precise GPS coordinates, shows exactly where fleet vehicles are at any given moment during a transport, all the way from point A to point B. Through this digital breadcrumb trail, fleet management companies and other businesses with fleets can easily track their inventoryand therefore, make smarter and more data-driven decisions on where they want to redeploy or where they want their vehicles to ultimately end up. 

Email Notifications for Extra Timeliness and Security 

ACERTUS knows customers want timely, useful and accurate fleet transport data on each drive away job, delivered straight to them without delay. Fortunately, its driver email notification technology delivers this information to customers in real time, so customers have the answers they need immediately and directly in their inbox, as soon as the information becomes available.  

Similar to the notifications sent out by popular ride-hailing companies like UBER or Lyft, ACERTUS’ email-notification technology sends notices to a customer’s preferred email account, giving them the status of a vehicle delivery or pickup. For extra efficiency and security, the email also clearly showcases the delivery driver’s photo and name, and it lists out the specific logistics information that applies – such as “Delivery Address” and “Vehicle Details.” This not only prevents unnecessary confusion or mishaps, but ensures all parties involved know exactly which vehicle is being transported and exactly who is responsible for picking up, driving and dropping off that respective vehicle. 

Virtual Training Guarantees Professionalism and Security with Every Transport 

Going the extra mile to achieve the highest-possible levels of professionalism and security for its customers, ACERTUS also requires all its drive away drivers to complete a thorough and excellence-driven virtual training. Additionally, all drivers must be Department of Transportation (DOT)-compliant at all times, and a large number of them also hold Commercial Driver’s Licenses (CDL).  

While ACERTUS’ eight-module driver training program launched far before the impact of COVID-19, its technology is certainly even more relevant and useful today. Drivers don’t have to worry about showing up to a physical location or risking their health. Rather, they can simply log on to a secure, online platform, completing all eight stages of in-depth driver training there instead. 

This remote-training capability not only benefits ACERTUS’ qualified and professional drivers, but it also presents additional rewards to its customers. Drivers can complete the training at just about any time and anywhere, speeding up the process, which means more expert drivers in more locations are qualified to move customers’ fleets. 

Solutions for a Safe and Contact-Free Guarantee  

During this era of COVID-19, now more than ever before, ACERTUS’ fully remote capabilities and advanced technology provides extra assurance and ease of mind to its drivers and customers alike. All vehicle transports, logistics and added-on services can be requested, changed, rerouted and finalized through ACERTUS’ proprietary technology without any person-to-person contact necessary at any time 

Additionally, because ACERTUS’ teams prioritize the health and well-being of its entire driver network and all its customers, thorough hygiene processes are followed at all times during each and every drive away delivery. If a customer wants even further cleanliness efforts, deep-sanitization services can even be requested and applied on vehicles prior to their final delivery. 


ACERTUS is a Tech-Centric Partner in Drive Away and Beyond 

ACERTUS’ advanced and proprietary technology certainly serves its driver network and fleet-based customers well with all drive away transports, but it also goes far beyond just vehicle delivery services. In fact, this technology can also allow customers to quickly and easily request additional services – including, but not limited to, storagecare and maintenancecompliance and title and registration services. 

Customers can identify where all available ACERTUS storage facilities are across North America, allowing them to make important decisions when moving vehicles or temporarily storing them. And if any of those customers want to ensure vehicles are made completely road-ready before their delivery, they can opt for care and maintenance services, as well as any and all compliance or title-and-registration services. ACERTUS’ teams can actually stay with a vehicle throughout its lifecycle, working on behalf of the customer through one single point of contact from beginning to end. 

Whether a customer simply requires a drive away transport or needs a full suite of services for its entire fleet, ACERTUS’ technology-enabled solutions and dedicated teams will deliver speed to market – as well as visibility, security and overall efficiency – at all points in the process. 


Learn more about ACERTUS’ auto drive away services, as well as its full range of vehicle transport and logistics solutions, at To connect with one of our team members or receive a free quote, contact us hereor call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 

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