Safest Ways to Transport a Car Amid Ongoing COVID-19 Concerns

Ensuring Safety Amid COVID-19

Safety has never been more important. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause public health and economic upsets around the world, individual industries and businesses are taking fresh looks at what else they can do to better keep their teams — as well as everyone those teams work with — healthy and safe.  

All of this is certainly true for the auto industry, which continues to seek out and implement new and innovative ways to maintain hygienic standards, offer contact-less solutions and deliver even more peace of mind to their customers. FMCs, self-managed fleets, dealers, auctions, retailers and more are assessing how they can best keep their own teams, as well as the vendors and customers they interact with on a regular basis, protected from illness at any given point during a sale, auto service or shipping process. 

In fact, all organizations are now ensuring their  vehicle transport providers can guarantee a number of important measures that secure everyone’s safety and protection on all fronts. Namely, these providers should be able to offer thorough cleaning and sanitization protocol, no-contact vehicle delivery solutions, proper training and gear for their team members, and clear communication about all safety measures in place. Vehicle-transport providers that truly care about the health and well-being of everyone they interact with, especially those that offer drive-away servicesshould not only be able to discuss the safety precautions they’ve implemented but should also want to discuss and promote these all-important steps with their logistics providers along the way. 

Auto-transport service providers like ACERTUS have both assessed and implemented a strategic list of safety measures in their own day-to-day operations — and have already seen success and customer satisfaction as a result. 

Cleanliness and Sanitization at All Touchpoints 
Probably the most key step an auto business can take during a global pandemic is to sanitize,The highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness must be followed by all team members and at all possible places of contact, with CDC-recommended cleaners and procedures used to sanitize all touchpointsNo matter the reason a vehicle is being transported,  all parties involved want reassurance they’ll be kept safe, well-sanitized and thoroughly cleaned according to CDC guidelines.  

Fortunately, auto transporters like ACERTUS offer full sanitization services on all vehicles they transport through their drive away or home delivery services. Additionally, no matter what combination of services a customer requests, ACERTUS’ teams will ensure that every possible touchpoint someone could come into contact with is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to delivery. 

In addition to this, all ACERTUS employees — whether they be on the road, at a customer’s facility or based in an office — are required to wear face masks and wash their hands frequently, keeping a proper social distance from other people at all times. 

No Contact, No Problem 
Whether a provider is helping with a drive away servicecar haulvehicle home deliverystoragecare and maintenance or anything else, no-contact solutions must be guaranteed. Many customers, conscious of coronavirus concerns and the need to keep safe distances from others, no longer want to have direct interaction or close contact with anyone and demand 100-percent remote options. FMCs, dealerships and othercontinue to receive questions about how they’ll guarantee a vehicle delivery  can be accomplished, from start to finish, fully contact-free. 

To assist these companies, as well as their customers, third-party car-transport companies like ACERTUS now offer completely contactless transport and service solutions. Its drivers and carriers can deliver one or more vehicles to a dealership location, storage facility or even a customer’s home without ever requiring person-to-person contact with the individual on the receiving end.  

Additionally, ACERTUS’ online proprietary technology allows any mandatory paperwork, signatures, titling or registration to occur digitally rather than in-person. Therefore, if a company needs multiple vehicles in a fleet shipped across the country, ACERTUS can partner with the company to ensure all aspects of the transport, compliance services and fleet maintenance are handled contact-free. In the same way, dealers or retailers acquiring new inventory can arrange for ACERTUS to transport the vehicles, handle title transfers and oversee any necessary registration without ever having to interact with ACERTUS team members face-to-face.  

Proper Training, Gear and Precautions 
Preparation often equates to success in the business world, but it’s just as true when it comes to health and public safety. In order to keep not only their own teams safe and protected, but also all the customers and vendors they work with on a regular basis, auto companies are having to rethink their everyday operations. 

Drive-awaycar haul and vehicle logistics providers like ACERTUS are now requiring new training for many of their employees, developing and enforcing safety standards and requiring relevant team members to wear the proper PPE gear. ACERTUS has fundamentally changed its overall approach to hygiene standards, required new steps for its teams and ensuring a more safe-and-protected workplace as a whole.  

In addition to the PPE training and gear requirements for many employees, all ACERTUS locations universally require social distancing, mask use and temperature checks for anyone entering one of ACERTUS’ buildings, regardless of location type or local regulations or mandates.   

Clear Communication and Expectations 
With so many changes and best-practice updates developing or shifting on a regular basis during this unprecedented time, auto companies are hungry for accurate, straightforward and up-to-date information. Therefore, it’s crucial that all auto-shipping companies develop a clear and relevant message for both their employees and their customers — and that they deliver important updates or changes as they occur. Additionally, all physical locations should be properly signed with COVID-19 safety messaging, detailing what’s required to come inside and what measures are being followed. 

Beyond marking all of its locations, including its office sites, with safety signage, car-shipping company ACERTUS sends out regular internal communication to its drivers, car carriers and other team members about any changes to its safety protocol or any new expectations. In addition to this, ACERTUS remains in constant contact with all its customers and partners in the auto transport industry, sending out timely emails and social posts, as well as regularly updating its overall COVID-19 message to customers on the ACERTUS website. Team members continue to learn from customers what new challenges or needs are presenting, staying on top of information as it develops and working closely with those customers to ensure safety is kept as the chief priority at all points, for all involved parties. 

ACERTUS Knows, Our Safety and Your Safety are Intertwined 
Ultimately, ACERTUS remains aware of, and dedicated to, the need for the highest-possible levels of cleanliness, protection and overall safety during this unprecedented time. All the measures ACERTUS has put in place are developed and executed with the health and well-being of any and all potentially impacted people in mind. This includes its own team members, its auto partners and customers, their end customers, vendors that visit us and anyone else — including family, friends or loved ones — that have contact with these individuals. 

We know that our safety has always been deeply interconnected with your safety, and that’s never been more apparent than now. We stand committed to keeping ourselves healthy, safe and well-protected, knowing that is the best-possible way to keep you, your teams and your loved ones protected, as well. 

Vehicle shipping-and-logistics company ACERTUS offers a full range of services across the United States and Canada, including drive away, vehicle home delivery and other car-shipping servicesDiscover more at our website: https://acertusdelivers.comWhether this is your first time seeking out services from a car transporter, you want shipping cost information upfront or you’re ready to receive a free quote on one of our best rates, contact us here or call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887), and we’ll help you get started. 

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