Prep for Post-Disaster Operations Now by Outsourcing Your Compliance Needs

Avoid A Compliance Catastrophe

When disaster strikes, there’s no time to worry about anything other than your safety, your family’s safety, your team’s safety and your business. Unfortunately, individuals and companies across the US are not only facing the ongoing ripple effects from COVID-19, but also the enormous risks of danger, building destruction, supply chain disruptions and hits to their overall fleet operations due to disasters like hurricanes, tropical storms, wildfires and more. 

The last thing a company wants to think about at this time is ensuring their drivers and vehicles are compliant. And because many areas across the country grant compliance waivers to companies trying to operate amid natural or man-made disasters, which delays the need to be fully compliant until the disaster has passed. 

Understandably, because compliance needs are not at all a priority for these companies when they’re confronting true safety concerns and enormous business upsets, they’ll often put off compliance work for too long — only to find themselves confronted with failed audits, fines and other preventable penalties after the real-time disaster concerns have ended. 

Instead of worrying about all their compliance needs themselves, many companies currently navigating ongoing disasters in California, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi and elsewhere are seeking out third-party compliance services from vehicle-logistics providers. This way, they can ensure they’re fully compliant at all times, minimizing their role in the compliance process and transferring the workload to that outside provider, so they can focus on what matters most. 

If a company chooses to outsource their compliance services, there are a few key qualities they should look for in their provider to ensure minimized risk and maximized productivity: 

Expertise, No Matter the Location or the Specific Compliance Need 
Third-party providers like ACERTUS have dedicated compliance team that continually stays up-to-date on all  federal, state and local rules, requirements and policy changes. Additionally, the team keeps itself informed of all disasters currently impacting businesses in states across the country, and team members know when specific compliance waivers go into effect or expire. 

It’s critical for companies who choose to outsource their compliance needs to partner with a provider that has proven expertise in all compliance services. ACERTUS’ team will ensure vehicles are DOT-, IFTA- and IRP-compliant, so your business can run without unnecessary fines or delays. 

In order to ensure compliance success on all fronts, the team’s capabilities span everything from permitting, IFTA fuel tax reporting and keeping up with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) high standards to title and registration, safety regulations, driver training qualification files, toll and transponder management systems, consulting and beyond. 

Regardless of industry type — whether the company is for-hire trucking, vehicle fleet management, power grid service, waste management, product shipping or anything else — ACERTUS’ teams provide data-driven and strategic counsel, helping them develop a well-organized and current fleet management plan. Because your time is limited and valuable, ACERTUS also pairs you with one dedicated point of contact throughout the process. 

Technology that Reduces and Simplifies the Business’s Role 
Technological solutions are a must when it comes to fast, streamlined operations of any type, and that most definitely includes compliance servicesACERTUS’ team utilizes a proprietary online platform for all IRP and IFTA compliance needs, allowing for even more efficiency on all those services. Whenever and wherever compliance work can be done remotely and via technology, ACERTUS is positioned to go that route. 

Beyond a reduced and streamlined role, you also want visibility and quick access to the documents or data you need. Technology like ACERTUS’ platform also allows you, the customer, to access all your documentation in just a few clicks. You can even service all orders and requests for your vehicle fleets through this one, easy-to-use platform, paving the way for you to be even more strategic in your business decisions and further increase your productivity levels.  

In addition compliance providers that are set up to be especially tech-enabled and savvy should also be able to integrate with and offer expert advice on some of your business’s technology, as well. In particular, ACERTUS offers full-service consulting for all telematics platforms that service commercial motor vehicles, regardless of the industry typefleet type or fleet size — leaving you with even more time and operating cost savings and, once again, reducing your overall compliance-related risk. 

Prioritization of Accuracy, Speed and Overall Efficiency 
Expert teams and tech-enabled solutions position a compliance provider to achieve success for your business, but those qualities won’t matter if the provider doesn’t prioritize accuracy, speed and efficiency with all its service offerings for all its customers. The compliance team you choose should be able to show you quickly and easily how its process works and how they’ll ensure every one of your company vehicles can be serviced accurately and with speed on a consistent basis. 

For example, ACERTUS’ setup allows for a highly centralized and standardized process, reducing unnecessary overhead or any potential logjams or delays. ACERTUS’ compliance team works cost-effectively and with a sense of urgency on all assets. 

Because the overall speed and efficiency ACERTUS delivers ultimately results in how quickly you can complete services, get vehicles to market or move your products, a compliance provider must have the proper infrastructure, working partnerships with DMV offices and other important entities across the country and a dedication to excellence on both your behalf and their own. 

Realizing a decision to outsource your compliance services is an investment, ACERTUS has created a strong infrastructure for itself, built out teams that have a wealth of knowledge and understand the ins and outs of various compliance needs and continually prioritized accuracy, speed to market and efficiency with every order, so its customers receive the best-possible compliance coverage and value for their investment. 

Regardless of your company’s particular compliance needs or pain points —  or whether you currently have compliance waivers or permission to delay crucial compliance work — ACERTUS’ team can help. With the goal of mitigating your overall risk of penalties and fines, while ensuring all compliance work is done professionally and with a commitment to accuracy and speed, ACERTUS will deliver you a dedicated and single point of contact to work closely with you at all times.  

You’ll be able to focus on your own crucial business and operations, prioritizing any challenges or business upsets caused by disasters across the country, while realizing the full benefits of having a dedicated and expert compliance partner working on your behalf. 

ACERTUS offers a full range of vehicle transport and logistics services for the entire lifecycle of a vehicle, including transports, home deliveries, compliance needs, vehicle maintenance, personal vehicle shipping and more. No matter the fleet type, the type of vehicles or number of vehicles, we’re committed to being your logistics partner. Discover more at our website here: If you’re ready to connect with one of our team members or receive a free quote, contact us here or call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 

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