Dealers Working to Meet Customers’ New-Vehicle Expectations, Even Amid Low-Inventory Challenges

Meet Customer Expectations Amid Inventory Challenges

New-vehicle inventory is at an all-time low due to setbacks from the spread of COVID-19 and recent supply chain delays – with organizations like Cox Automotive reporting that 2021-year inventory availability is down 16.5% from last year and that it could be 18 to 24 months before dealerships see more usual new-inventory levels again. But dealers aren’t letting numbers like these stop them from moving forward.  

Working diligently to source, acquire and sell new vehicles whenever and wherever possible, many dealers are focusing on creating the best-possible customer experience they can deliver. Quite a few of these dealers are even partnering with third-party logistics providers to help them offer specialized services to their new-vehicle customer base. 

Because dealers are somewhat limited in terms of what new-
car inventory or new-car features they can provide, it’s become even more crucial for them to develop a unique and customizable experience for their customers. Providers like ACERTUS have the teams, infrastructure and expertise to not only help dealers move inventory from one location to the next, but to assist them with services like vehicle home delivery, remote trade-ins and more. 

Car-Haul Services Pave the Way for Premier HomeDelivery Options 

Dealers know customers often demand not just new cars, but vehicles that are truly brand-new and have never been driven before. One way to deliver this is through a vehicle-home delivery option where new vehicles arrive on a flatbed, untouched and undriven.  

 can offer dealers and their customers just this, through its vehicle home-delivery and car haul service options. Well-trained, professionally dressed and experienced carriers transport new-vehicle purchases directly from the dealership or automaker straight to the customer’s preferred drop-off location – whether that be a residence, workplace or somewhere else. 

premier option for these vehicle home-delivery services is a delivery option where vehicles arrive via drive away services – a professional, well-trained and expert driver delivers the new vehicle purchase straight to the customer’s preferred location without ever requiring person-to-person contact. That driver completes a final inspection of the vehicle and answers any questions the customer may have. 

This white-glove service ensures that each brand-new vehicle arrives via truck or drive away service, completely clean, with a full tank of gas and without any additional mileage on the odometer. Customers benefit from the additional luxury of receiving their new purchase directly, easily and efficiently, in the newest-possible state. 

Reverse Logistics Allow for No-Contact Trade-ins, Maintenance and Repair Services 

Possibly more so than ever before amid ongoing concerns related to the coronavirus pandemic, customers expect to have remote and no-contact solutions for anything they purchase – and that very much includes cars. ACERTUS is well-positioned to provide not only fully remote home-delivery options, but also completely contact-free solutions for trade-ins. 

In fact, ACERTUS’ reverse logistics capabilities ensure dealers can 
offer their customers a thoroughly contact-free experience from start to finish, regardless of whatever services they require. From the initial test-drive experience to the new car sale, customer’s vehicle trade-in and any further vehicle maintenance or repairs, ACERTUS’ experienced teams will safely and securely move vehicles back-and-forth as necessary without customers ever having to step into a car dealership. For those dealers that opt for such services, they’re able to present a wholly different customer experience and ensure customers have everything they need without ever needing to leave their homes. 

In the event a customer happens to not like their new-vehicle purchase or requests a different make or model instead, these reverse-logistics solutions mean ACERTUS can 
assist with remote vehicle returns or exchanges, as well. 

A Full Range of Vehicle-Transport and Logistics Solutions  

ACERTUS is proud to offer dealers a full range of vehicle-transport and logistics services – everything from car hauls and drive away options to storagebasic care-and-maintenancetitle and registrationcompliance and more. Dealers who select multiple services can even guarantee their customers a ready-to-drive vehicle, right upon delivery. 

No matter what your 
specific business or customers require, ACERTUS’ flexibility and dedication to excellent service means its teams will be able to find the right solution or combination of solutions that work best for you. 

Despite all the
 challenges facing the auto industry at the moment – especially the new-car inventory shortage dealers are working against – key partnerships between dealers and third-party providers like ACERTUS can prove beneficial. With access to outside vehicle logistics and infrastructure, dealers are able to expand their service offerings and provide a top-tier experience to each and every one of their customers, from beginning to end. 

Learn more about ACERTUS’ car haul services, as well as its full range of vehicletransport and logistics solutions, at To connect with one of our team members or receive a quote, contact us hereor call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 


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