Round 2 of DMV Closures: How to Stay on Top of Your Fleet’s Title-and-Registration Needs

Stay On Top of Title & Registration Amid COVID-19 Restraints

Shutdowns are back – at least, they are in many areas of the country that have been especially hard hit with new spikes in COVID-19 cases. With this new round of shutdowns, many DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) locations across the country are again closing their doors or operating with restricted hours, limited staff or reduced service options. Those that continue to remain open are still trying to work through the long backlog of work from initial shutdowns earlier in the year, and a number of them will be closed for a number of days in coming weeks due to the holidays. 

So, what does this all mean for companies looking to take care of their fleet title-and-registration needs in a timely and efficient manner? 

While FMCs and other companies with fleets will likely face some form of delay with title-and-registration services, there are a few important steps that can help those companies navigate the current DMV climate and keep their business operations moving at a decent pace. 

Be Accurate with Documentation & Proactive with Strategy 

When it comes to staying on top of fleet vehicles’ many title-and-registration needs, being proactive is key. Even in a time not impacted by COVID’s many ripple effects, delays at the DMV can occur due to documentation inaccuracies, inconsistencies or incomplete sections. Add to that the already-existent delays stemming from past closures, limited hours or limited staff realities, and the waiting game can seem almost never-ending.  

Companies that take the time to carefully go through all paperwork and related records to ensure all appropriate fields are filled out correctly and consistently will reap the benefits when it comes to moving their title-and-registration process along more rapidly and with fewer unnecessary delays. 

Beyond just verifying that all information is accurate and complete, FMCs and other companies with fleets can further simplify and streamline all their titling and fleet vehicleregistration needs through a partnership with a title-and-registration provider.  

Outsourced providers like ACERTUS can handle all title-and-registration services for a company, helping the business identify its specific needs, making the company aware of any areas where further documentation or data is required and staying on top of all active orders, so services move at the fastest-possible rate. 

Lean into a Partner’s Expertise & Make Full Use of Its Services 

Once a company has chosen to partner with an outside title-and-registration provider, it’s crucial that it leans into the provider’s expertise, taking full advantage of its DMV connections and specific organizational benefits.  

A title-and-registration provider like ACERTUS has decades of experience under its belt, as well as a wide range of working partnerships with DMV locations across the United States. Team members have extensive knowledge of various state-, city- and county-level titling and fleet registration requirements, and they actively stay on top of any new closures or shutdowns that could impact services for clients. And even with another round of DMV closures starting to take effect in many areas, ACERTUS’ teams have a deep understanding of the ins-and-outs of fleet-based companies’ needs and, oftentimes, have key contact information in crucial offices throughout the country – helping them to navigate title-and-registration obstacles as they occur. 

Additionally, many title-and-registration providers are now equipped with sophisticated but easy-to-use technology that allows them to move much more rapidly on titling and registration needs, especially in specific states and localities that allow for digital documentation, signatures and processing. ACERTUS’s proprietary technology VINlocity offers this type of digitized experience, granting customers access to all their fleet records and information right at their fingertips and – whenever possible – allowing them to place new orders, send documents remotely and fill in required information with just a few clicks. 

As FMCs and other fleet-owning companies assess their business needs, especially amid Q4 and the ongoing impacts from COVID-19, they’ll want to make sure they stay on top of all their fleet title-and-registration requirements. Ensuring all records and documents are accurate, consistent and submitted as early as possible, as well as looking into possible partnerships with expert title-and-registration providers that can help them navigate the current state of DMVs and pandemic setbacks, will serve as important steps these companies can take now to establish strong title-and-registration strategies going forward. 


Partnering with ACERTUS on Title-and-Registration Needs 

When you choose to partner with ACERTUS for your fleet’s title-and-registration needsyour business will have access to decades of experience and expertise, established and working relationships with DMV offices across the country and proprietary technology that can help move the overall title-and-registration process along, with as few as possible required steps from you. 

If your fleet requires additional services, outside of just title and registration, ACERTUS offers a full range of vehicle-transportation and logistics solutions – including compliance servicescar hauldrive awaycare and maintenance and more. Its teams will work to help your business move faster, with more efficiency and with fewer unnecessary delays, so you’re well-positioned to meet your unique business goals for the duration of Q4, throughout 2021 and beyond.  

Learn more about ACERTUS’ title-and-registration solutions, as well as its full range of automotive-transportlogistics and fleet services available across the United States and Canada, at To connect with one of our team members or receive a quick quote on fleet-management optionscontact us hereor call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 

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