Major Shifts in the Auto Industry Have Made Customer Vehicle Acquisition a Must

How To Acquire Inventory Amid Shortages

There has been no shortage of major events impacting the automotive industry over the last year. First, the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic caused huge disruptions to the supply chain with worldwide vehicle plant and retailer shutdowns. Now, even as OEMs have worked to reopen their plants, and consumer demand is high, a global shortage on multiple vehicle parts – namely, semiconductor chipsrubberplastics and foam – have created new headaches for the industry. New-vehicle production has again been halted in in many areas, and the lack of new vehicles on the market drags on with US vehicle inventory reportedly down by 37%. 


Because of all these events, retailers have been working around-the-clock to both source and sell used-vehicle inventory. In fact, with so little new inventory on the market and surging consumer demand, used-vehicle sales jumped up by about 10% in April 


Retailers have had to get creative with how they source this high-quality used-vehicle inventory, however. Some retailers are turning to auction houses, while others are buying inventory off other dealershipsbut the latest trend is for retailers to go to customers themselves. 

Benefits for Retailers: More Inventory on LotsEfficiency and Overall Value 
The customer-vehicle acquisition process has become a must for retailers looking to fill their lots and keep up with the increasing consumer demand. This method of acquiring inventory has opened up a new door of supply-chain potential, giving retailers an opportunity to source high-quality used vehicles when no new vehicles are arriving and the number of regular trade-ins coming in is not enough. 


Whether retailers choose to create their own customer vehicle-acquisition process, employing their own teams to venture out and move these vehicles back to their lots, or they choose to partner with an outside provider that can help with a logistics program, this means of sourcing vehicles is an efficient way to bring in more inventory and meet consumer demand. 


Those retailers that establish a process for such vehicle acquisition – whether through their own teams or via an outsourced partner – can benefit from both additional inventory and from being able to offer their customers home-delivery options. Ultimately, vehicle acquisition is just home-delivery logistics in reverse. 

Therefore, once a retailer has a program in place to source used vehicles from customers, they’ll also be able to expand their vehicle-delivery offerings, increasing the overall value of their investment. 

Benefits for Customers: Convenience and Simplicity  
Customer-vehicle acquisition doesn’t just benefit retailers – it benefits customers, as well. During the last year, amid fears of catching or spreading COVID-19, an increasing number of customers came to expect the safety and convenience of at-home delivery services, including with newly purchased vehicles.  


As dealers were forced to source inventory in unique ways and came to start advertising “sell your vehicles” to customers in their respective areas, those customers who engaged in this process also came to expect the convenience and simplicity of being able to sell their used vehicles without ever having to leave their homes. 


This new process allows customers the ability to offload vehicles they no longer want, without requiring them to do trade-ins, post vehicles online, visit either retailers or individuals in person or even drop off vehicles themselves. Customer-vehicle acquisition programs have largely created an easy and efficient vehicle-selling method, without the usual listing or trade-in headaches. 


Additionally, because used-vehicle inventory is in such high demand at the moment, there is often significant value available to any customers who sell their used vehicles to a dealer or other retailer. It’s not only an ideal method for offloading vehicles that are no longer wanted, but also an ideal time to do so. 


ACERTUS as a Provider of Both Vehicle Pickups and Drop-offs 

No matter retailers’ specific business priorities or goals, ACERTUS’ teams work closely with them to develop, customize and implement a vehicle-delivery and vehicle-acquisition strategy that suits their needs. Utilizing its home-delivery, drive-away and car-haul services, as appropriate – as well as its expertise and widely available infrastructure – ACERTUS partners with vehicle retailers and delivers logistical support wherever needed.  


Whether a retailer needs vehicle pickups, drop-offs or any services in-between, ACERTUS offers a full suite of vehicle services to assist — including title and registration, compliance servicescare and maintenancestorage and more. If a retailer needs to add in any of these services to their overall vehicle-transport program, they can do so, crossing off additional tasks from their to-do list and potentially expanding their overall offerings for customers. ACERTUS’ teams can even go a step further, working on behalf of the retailer to help with vehicle pickups at customers’ homes for trade-ins, service appointments and returns or recall work, as well. 


If a retailer is looking to purchase vehicles directly from customers, or wants to deliver vehicle purchases to customers’ homes, it doesn’t have to come up with all the solutions on its own. It can choose to partner with a provider like ACERTUS and, as a result, keep its team members and resources focused on its own operations and pressing business needs. 



Learn more about ACERTUS’ home-delivery and home-pickup solutions, as well as its full range of vehicle transport services and logistics options, at To connect with one of our team members or receive a pricing quote, contact us hereor call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 


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