How a Logistics Partner Can Play a Critical Role in Helping Dealers Sell More Vehicles Online

How to Meet Expectations with Digital Retail

The digital-retail world is ripe with opportunities for businesses of all types and sizes – and that most certainly includes those in the auto industry. It’s no longer a nice option for dealerships to offer a full digital-retail experience to customers. It’s now a must. 


Customers have only continued to demand more and more online shopping, purchasing, leasing and delivery options, especially over the course of the past year with the COVID-19 pandemic and consumer concerns over safety and staying at home. Because of this, there is no better time than now to start establishing a digital-retailing program if one is not already in place. 


If you’re just starting in terms of mapping out a digital-retail experience for your customers, it’s ideal to implement a vehicle delivery-and-pickup part of the program from the very beginning. This is an option that customers have shown they want to have — in fact, in October 2020, TrueCar found that 35% of vehicle shoppers reported they’re doing more of their shopping online than in person. So, it can be especially wise to make this an integral part of the overall auto-shopping experience from the very beginning. And even if you already have a digital-retail program in place but not a plan for home deliveries and pickups, it’s important to do the work now and make this a priority, rather than playing catchup with competitors later on. 


By outsourcing the delivery-and-pickup components of your program to an expert vehicle-logistics provider like ACERTUS, you can save yourself the headache of having to allocate crucial resources to these tasks or learning new ways of operating amid all your other day-to-day commitments. Instead, you can rely on the provider to do this work and keep you informed, and as a result, stay focused on your most pressing business needs. 


Plan for the entire digital-retail experience – including vehicle delivery! 
When it comes to planning your digital-retail experience, don’t leave out the critical aspect of delivering this to your customer’s home. This is not only how you offer a complete digital customer experience, but how you can add speed and efficiency to the process – particularly, if you partner with an experienced and well-established transport provider like ACERTUS. 


With existing teams and expertise, built-in infrastructure and, oftentimes, technology that further streamlines and simplifies the vehicle-transportation process, outside providers can offer an ideal way for dealers to establish a true delivery program without having to allocate their employees or resources to do the job. 


In addition, providers like ACERTUS know the ins-and-outs of the vehicle transportation world, including which cross-state vehicle moves may require further title-and-registration paperwork or inspections and how to properly transport vehicles without incurring additional wear and tear. ACERTUS’ teams actually utilize the company’s own proprietary technology, which sends out regular notifications, nightly updates and requests to you, the dealer, as well as ongoing tracking updates to both you and the end customer. 


Vehicles are delivered to a residence, workplace or another requested location completely damage-free, clean and with full tanks of gas. Currently, amid safety concerns related to COVID-19, all drivers and carriers are masked and wearing proper gear, and upon request, they can perform no-contact deliveries where everything is handled online and the customer doesn’t need to touch or sign anything in person. For additional peace of mind, dealers can even request that ACERTUS’s teams sanitize all touchpoints in a vehicle before it’s handed off to a customer at the respective drop-off location. 


Reverse logistics for vehicle acquisitions, returns, trade-ins and more 

While vehicle deliveries to the customer are incredibly crucial to a successful digital-retailing program, it’s important to point out that deliveries aren’t the only transportation need – there are also pickups. Increasingly, dealers are turning to customers themselves for their vehicle-inventory needs, and to make this easier on the customers selling the vehicles, dealers are offering to do pickups right at their homes or preferred locations.  


Logistics providers are once again an ideal solution for such transportation needs, as they can simply employ the same type of services for these pickup jobs, but in reverse. Using this reverse-logistics model, providers like ACERTUS can not only collect vehicles from those individuals who are selling but then transport them to any place the dealer requests. That could be straight back to the car-dealership showroom, or if the vehicle is already sold, it could be straight to an auction house, upfitter, outside dealership or anywhere else. 


But this type of reverse-logistics work isn’t just ideal for vehicle acquisition. It also comes in handy for remote trade-ins, vehicle returns or recalls and any sort of remote vehicle-maintenance requests. ACERTUS can assist on all these fronts, putting its car-haul or drive-away teams to work to pick up the vehicle at a preferred location, transport it straight to the dealership or to a different service site and, if necessary, transport that vehicle or another one back to the customer.   


Expand the remote vehicles services you offer to customers 

Beyond home deliveries and pickupsmany dealers are also expanding the remote services they offer their customers. Many times, outside providers can put to work the same transportation and logistics work to help with other services on the dealer’s behalf. 


For example, ACERTUS has a wide range of services that extend to title and registrationcompliance servicescare and maintenancestorage solutions and more. All of these can be built into the larger digital-retailing experience for the dealer and its customers, based on whatever the dealer wants to be part of that larger program. Based on the options they select, dealers can market and speak to their customers about the ability to handle title-and-registration and compliance services in advance of a home delivery, complete remote care-and-maintenance services without the need to bring in a vehicle and more – and then, ACERTUS will help them execute on all these commitments. 

ACERTUS as Your Vehicle-Logistics Partner  

As you work to implement a digital-retail experience for your customers, rest assured that ACERTUS has the teams, experience, infrastructure and technology to successfully execute the vehicle transports and other logistics services you require. In fact, ACERTUS offers a full range of vehicle transport and logistics solutions, even beyond vehicle home deliveries and pickups, including test drives, title and registrationcare and maintenancestorage and more – meaning it can help service a vehicle throughout its entire lifecycle.  


With all that’s going on in the world right now, and all the priorities you’re focused on as a business, it’s vital that you have a vehicle-transport provider like ACERTUS that can work directly with customers as needed and oversee all aspects of the vehicle delivery-and-pickup process, so you don’t have to. No matter whether you’re looking to home deliver vehicles, establish title-and-registration and servicing options as part of a delivery program or acquire vehicles directly from customers, ACERTUS has flexible and efficient solutions that will work for you. 

Learn even more about ACERTUS’ vehicle home-delivery solutions, as well as its wide range of vehicle-transport and logistics services across the United States and Canada, at To connect with one of our team members or receive a quick quote, contact us hereor call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 

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